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Finding 'Best Place to Work For'? XenonStack is Right Here Folks!

Dr. Jagreet Kaur Gill | 20 October 2020

Why XenonStack?

When looking for a new job, hearing “ best place to work” sounds alluring. But what exactly makes a company “the best”? For us, it’s our people who are the heart of our success. They are the reason why our Clients consistently recognize us for our Excellent work, and they are the reason why we have that astounding Culture in our organization—no wonder why we are the best place to work for around.

For us, people experience matters; People, Clients or anyone associated. Our Culture speaks louder than words.

-  People And Culture Manager, XenonStack

Our place in the ‘ Cloud Native Foundation’ makes us stand out from the crowd. Having a place in the market, winning accolades like ‘ Best Start-up of The Year’ by STPI, gives us the affirmation that we are on the right path, and we are on our way to make history. Our zeal to be different has allowed us to raise our bars of standard and quality constantly.
Although Industry Accolades are in-numerous, the below mentioned are some ‘Gem of the reasons’ that have enabled us to be titled “best place to work for” around:-

Our People

Before anything else, it is our people who are at the Epicenter of any decision. From Mentors to Interns, this exceptional way of working and this culture of ‘Continuous experimentation and Learning’ is so ingrained in our people, that they never shy away from moving to new ways of working and thinking. Our people are working towards a better future in bringing digital transformation to the world, keeping all the humanistic aspects in the forefront. Sounding “best place to work for”, right?


It is an understatement to say that we empathize with people. Our constant strive to make the world a better place brings about this emotion throughout our organization. “ I know and understand how you feel,” these are not mere phrases for us; they are feeling for us.


Our continuous passion for easing the journey of transformation drives us to innovate our ways of working vehemently. Making tomorrow better and Easier is something that is the foundation of our Innovation, making us the best place to work for among our competitors.

Our Clients

Our Clients are our testimonies, aka our advocates. It is due to our profound thought process of “Giving the Best Experience” to our clients, that we can bring novelty in everything. The success of our Clients is the Ultimate success for us. From advising the C-Suite and business leaders about the bigger picture to delivering real impact and large-scale change, we co-create with our mentors and Strategy team as trusted consulting, innovation, technology and other operations partners. Even they regard us as the “best place to work” and trust us with all their solutions.

Continuous Learning and Iteration

It is important to Unlearn as much as it is to Learn. Moving ahead with this thought process, we can touch new heights. Our continuous Iteration and learning have made us design an impeccable “ Internship Program” that helps an intern in becoming the next XenonStack SuperStar. Know about the top 5 traits of a XenonStack Superstar here. It not only enables our Interns to learn and work on New Technologies but also keeps us ahead of the time. Unlearning old ways and learning new ways have kept the boredom out of the door for our people and Clients.

Future-Forward Technologies

We use the latest architectures, methods and tools, including AI, Cloud Governance, Intelligent Automation, Agile, etc. to enable digital transformation. It is not just what technologies we use; it is also what we offer and what we are working on. We are regarded as the best place to work because of our focus on Future forward Technologies like - “Explainable AI, Prejudice Analytics, Decision Intelligence, Data Strategy, DataOps, Platform Strategy”, making us stand out.

Multinational Presence

Our presence in multiple countries like the United States, Canada, Europe, etc. has made us the world's culture savvy. Our team understands the culture of the country before starting operations there. In the end, “ Being Considerate & Respectful” is some of the variety of cultures and beliefs that are a priority for us. This is what makes our Client’s Journey so special to us. Therefore, we regarded as the best place to work for an employee. Such multinational exposure gives a great “Learning Experience” to our people too.

"Take good care of your employees, and they’ll take good care of your customers, and the customers will come back."

- J. Willard Marriott

Inclusive Culture

Our rich and vast diversity makes us stronger - more innovative, more competitive and more creative. We strive to make it a truly Human workplace, where people respect you for who you are, not from where you belong. All this speeds up the process of graduate's evolution to professional significantly. Want to be a part of our organisation, APPLY NOW! “It is not about what you said to them; It’s about how you made them feel”, this phrase pretty much sums up our entire culture. Discover ahead why working at XenonStack still is a dream for the Millenials. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-QE0remPSw