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Chandan Gaur

Chandan Gaur is a quick learner, technology deft and perfect Solution Architect. He has over 8 years of experience in Telecom, Networking, and IoT product development and has been testing work across Network Equipment Provider, Telecom Service Provider, Hi-Tech & Manufacturing industries with specialization in Networking & QA before joining XenonStack.

What is Data Operation (DataOps) ? Principles | Benefits | Tools

Enterprise Data Management

What is Data Operation (DataOps) ? Principles | Benefits | Tools

DataOps - Data Operations for Analytics DataOps, aka Data Operations, combines people, processes, and products that enable consistent, automated, and secure data management. It is a delivery system based on joining and analyzing large databases. Since Collaboration and Teamwork are the two keys to a successful business and under this idea, the term “DataOps” was born. DataOps's purpose is to be a...

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