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Database Managed Service and Solutions | A Quick Guide

Chandan Gaur | 13 December 2022


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Overview of Database Management

The databases are infrastructure critical components of enterprise IT. Enterprises face continuing challenges in managing increasingly complex and growing data portfolios for peak performance. XenonStack's Team of its administrators are proficient in Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Mysql. We leverage IT optimization methods to deliver its world-class administration services.
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Regardless of its industry, most corporations lack the time, talent, or resources to fully get under the hood of their enterprise technology and ensure it's working for their business. While the mismanagement of any business-critical apps can end badly, not giving Oracle, SQL Server, or NoSQL databases that power them all the support they need can be particularly devastating.

What are its best features?

The features are listed below:

Security Audits

Auditing is the process of monitoring of selected user database actions. Auditing typically used to Investigate suspicious activity, Monitor and gather data about specific activities and Detect problems with authorization or access control implementation.


It ensures high availability of its servers, Analyze the number of user connections to it at various time help takes actions proactively before critical incidents occur.

Why is Database Managed Services important?

Top 5 reasons why enterprises required Database Managed Services are listed below:

  • The struggle to find quality database resources to manage Oracle, SQL Server or NoSQL environments internally.
  • The constant need for monitoring and protection of it.
  • The support for business users and planners to keep their work uninterrupted
  • The Database infrastructure needs regular updates so that it is ready for the future.
  • Looking for more extensive tools, best practices, and processes
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What are the benefits of Database Managed Services?

  • Growth through Innovation lets team focuses on delivering core value.
  • They are maximizing Efficiency by delivery the accurate results on scheduled time.
  • Companies Reduce the cost and get they get the outcome of their choice
  • XenonStack is enabling and empowering Big-Data Strategy with our best practices, technology expertise & experience.
  • Companies get agility by using Database Managed Services.

Our Commitment

  • Dedicated Technical Account Manager
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • Monitoring and Response (Infrastructure)
  • Backups and Disaster Recovery
  • Architecture Design & Platform Maintenance
  • Cloud Cost Optimization
  • Security & Devops
  • SLA & Response Time
  • Resolution Time & Severity
  • Professional Services
  • Human Expertise

Our Services

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