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Big Data Testing Services and Strategy

XenonStack, being an automated Big Data Testing Solution Company helps you check organized and unstructured informational indexes, patterns, approaches, and innate procedures living at various layers in your big data platforms, for example, ‘Apache Sqoop,’ ‘Apache Nifi’ at Data Ingestion Layer, ‘Spark,’ ‘MapReduce,’ ‘Apache Pig’ at Data Processing Layer and ‘HBase,’ ‘Hive,’ ‘Cassandra’ at Data Storage Layer. Our Continuous Performance Testing Services

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    Load Testing

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    Stress Testing

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    Spike Testing

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    Cloud-Based Performance Testing

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    Performance Benchmarking

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    TestOps - Test Automation

Testing Methods and Tools for Pre-Hadoop Processing

Big Data systems typically process a mix of structured data, unstructured data, and semi-structured data.

Big Data Testing Capabilities and Offerings

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