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Sustainable Technology









Sustainable Technology


  • What is Sustainable Technology? 

 Sustainable technology is an umbrella term that describes innovation that considers natural resources and fosters economic and social development.  

 The technology can be defined in a few ways: 


The technology fosters a shift from non-biodegradable to biodegradable materials in its production. 


Sustainable technology prevents deterioration, contamination, and other negative environmental impacts through its use or production.  


Technology is efficient in terms of its use of energy and resources.  

 What are the various examples of Sustainable Technology 

 Sustainability in technology has already made its way into public use and innovation. The basic examples are.  

  • Public and electric transport 
  • LED light technology 
  • Solar power 
  • Carbon capture and storage technologies 
  • Self-sufficient and LEED buildings and construction methods  

 Why Sustainable Technology is Good for Business  

Sustainable environmental technology has the potential to transform how businesses and public systems work. Sustainable technology aims to minimize any negative social and environmental impacts, which is good for a business’s bottom line, and its reputation.  

  • Reduce Risk and Improve Project Outcomes 
  • Improve Your Bottom Line 
  • Attract and Retain Top Talent