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Google Duplex

What is Google Duplex?

Google Duplex is the latest AI-voice based project from Google that is currently existing in the U.S (majorly in every area). It can provide power to individual users that they can restaurant reservations using smart-phones; in it, the user speaks indirectly to the restaurant employee, via Google Assistant. Google Assistant speaks on behalf of the user with an AI-based human-sounding voice software.

Google Duplex Applications

Google Duplex helps with these issues by granting the computer to have natural communication with a human. The A.I. system fine-tunes to the person, instead of the person fine-tuning to the machine. Therefore, the person can generally utter, just as they would if they were communicating with another human. Google Duplex also generates it, so the computer systems sound like a real person. It uses a natural accent, as well as words and phrases like “um” and “uh,” just like a human would. During a conversation, the A.I. system can also handle interruptions and elaborate.