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Driving Adoption with the Right Strategy and Roadmap

Cloud Adoption framework helps organizations access and plan for digital transformation. It helps to identify and prioritize the modernization opportunities and improve the readiness and transformation roadmap.

XenonStack Cloud Advisory and Strategy

Advisory and Strategy

Innovating and automating processes with machine learning and deep learning, enriching customer Insights and Cost optimization.

Cloud Adoption and Management

Adoption and Management

Human Centred Design with Data understanding and reasoning along with user research, experience, and personal insights.

XenonStack Cloud Workload and Security

Workload and Security

Data-Centric approach helps businesses to build data culture for data-driven conversations to deliver business outcomes.

Streamlining Transformation Journey

Organizations are looking for more effective ways for Remote Infrastructure Management and Application Modernization. Therefore, enterprises are looking to leverage platforms and services for better agility and business resilience. Enterprises have to prepare a readiness strategy and roadmap to optimize their resources in a better way for enhanced security.

XenonStack Cloud Services Wheel

Advisory Services for Digital Transformation

XenonStack Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Solutions

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Solutions

Understanding the Approach to  Workload Management for Modernize IT Infrastructure and Applications

XenonStack Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Solutions
XenonStack Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure Solutions

Solution offerings for empowering Infrastructure Automation, Platform Development, and Application Architecture Design Consulting.

XenonStack Building Cloud Native Capabilities

Modern Approach for Building Applications

Modern Application Approach Enablement for Enterprises to develop Modernized Workloads, Deploy and Run Applications at Scale.

XenonStack Application Moderization

Application Modernization

Application Modernization Solutions for re-platforming, re-hosting, and re-architecting legacy applications.

XenonStack Cloud Migration

Migration Strategy

Adopting Transformation needs, framework, readiness and assessment for identifying hyperscalers providers AWS, Azure or GCP.

Services for Public Cloud Platforms

Certified and Specialized Consultants for adoption and migrations for transformation as per business requirements.

XenonStack Google AI

GCP Services

Google enables an almost endless number of possibilities to manage, analyze, utilize your data with customized GCP to meet your unique business needs.

XenonStack AWS Managed Service

Amazon Web Services

XenonStack Amazon Web Services Solutions offers Consulting, Migrations, and Managed Services in AWS.

XenonStack Azure Managed Service

Azure Services

XenonStack Solutions for Microsoft Azure offers application life cycle and maturity with innovative industry-proven solutions, customized to meet the Enterprise Requirements.

Understanding Readiness Strategy and Operating Models

Operating model is critical for enterprises for business agility and resiliency.

Cloud-Native Application Adoption Strategy for Enterprises

Modern approach to  applications for enterprises for faster delivery and agility.

XenonStack Enterprise Technology Image

Enterprise Technology

XenonStack Banking and Financials Image

Banking and Finance Sector

XenonStack Healthcare Image


XenonStack Education Image


XenonStack Transportation Image


XenonStack Retail Image


Key Enablers

Enablers for Accelerating Digital Transformation

XenonStack Big data Engineering

Big Data Engineering

XenonStack Data Science

Data Science

XenonStack DevOps


XenonStack Enterprise AI

Data Visualization

XenonStack Serverless

Enterprise AI

XenonStack Data Visualization



Here are our Recommendations...

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Introduction to Graph Analytics for Big Data As the data volume is growing and the world is shifting towards big data, there comes a need to derive the business value from that data to get the best...

Overview of Azure Platform Azure is a platform or service of cloud computingbasically, it was created or built by Microsoft for various purposes like building Serverless applications on Azure...

Introduction to Machine Learning In our day-to-day activities, we need the intervention of machines and humans. Machines are reducing human efforts to some extent, but still, there is a need for...

Introduction to Natural Processing language in AI In today's digital world, businesses are overpowered with unstructured data. So without the right technology, businesses can't process and analyze a...

What is Deep Learning? Deep learning is a subset of machine learning concerned with algorithms inspired by the structure and function of the human brain. DL systems can handle massive amounts of...

Introduction Infrastructure as Code (IaC) manages the infrastructure like virtual machines, networks, connection topologies, and load balancers through a descriptive model by using the same...

Getting Started with IaC  Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools that promote the best practices are necessary to make the process of building and configuring the infrastructure more competitive and...

Overview of Infrastructure as Code Increasing the number of production and delivery cycles using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) activities has changed how software engineers design, test, and release...

Introduction to Data Visualization “The greatest cost of a picture is when it arms us to notice what we have never waited to see.”

What do we mean by the main thread? The main thread is where the browser handles most of the work involved in page loadings, such as rendering/painting content and handling user interaction.On the...

A Brief Introduction to Tableau Tableau is a Data Visualization apparatus that is generally utilized for Business Intelligence; however, it is not constrained. It makes common diagrams and graphs as...

Introduction to Robotic Process Automation Before understanding Automation Anywhere, we will first know about Robotic Process Automation. RPA is a technology which enables us to create software...

Introduction to Vision Analytics Businesses often need human intervention for many things, where sometimes it can be automated in one way or the other. Like in a manufacturing business, they often...

Introduction to AI in Video Analytics The automotive market is on its way to a new face with video analysis's birth. The latest AI and production combination promise a stronger, more efficient, and...

Introduction to Google Cloud Platform Serverless Computing Google Cloud Serverless computing makes scalability of the server to infinity, i.e., there will be no load management, it has to run code...

Introduction to AWS Serverless Computing  Before we introduce AWS Serverless Computing let's talk about the Serverless Computing.  What is Serverless Computing and Why do you need it? Serverless is a...

Introduction to Automated Performance Testing Performance Automation Testing continues to evolve to meet modern enterprise's growing demands. It's no secret that the industry has upgraded to a world...

Introduction to Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) As the tech world is expanding rapidly with new technologies and new possibilities, these are the security issues and preventive measures to assure a...

What is Cloud Governance? Cloud Governance is a set of rules. It applies specific policies or principles to the use of cloud computing services.This model aims to secure applications and data even if...

Introduction to Functional and Class-Components Developing a single page application, developers have to write more than thousands of lines of code that follow the traditional DOM structure. If any...

Overview of Kubernetes-Based Event Driven Autoscaling Implement event-driven processing on Kubernetes using Kubernetes-Based Event-Driven Autoscaling (KEDA). The IT industry is now moving towards...

Introduction to Kubernetes, IaC and Helm  What is Kubernetes? Kubernetes is one of the best platforms to deploy and manage containerized applications. But deploying such containerized applications...

What is Container Storage Interface(CSI)? CSI stands for Container Storage Interface. It is an initiative to combine the storage interface of Container Orchestrator Systems(COS) such as Mesos,...

Overview of AI in Cybersecurity Current Technologies put the organization's cyber security at risk. Even with the new advancements in the defense strategies, security professional fails at some...

Introducing AWS Security Services AWS Security is responsible for protecting the global infrastructure that runs all the AWS cloud services along with the cloud itself. This infrastructure includes...

What is Secure Coding? Secure coding is the practice of writing code in any programming language to prevent any known vulnerability in our code. Vulnerabilities that could expose any data and cause...

Introduction 2020 will be remembered as the most difficult, significant, and eventful year of their lives for many people. Then came the year 2021. When we thought the worst was over, the second...

What is Technology SuperStar? Everyone wants to be a superstar, be it acting, dancing, coding, marketing, or from whatever field they are. But, in XenonStack Glassdoor , Best Place to Work , we make...

How the 2020 Calendar Started? The 2020 Calendar of XenonStack kicked off with a basket of achievements. We became “ Silver Member of Cloud Native Computing Foundation,” “ Silver Member of The Linux...

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Featured Insights

Databases on Docker and Kubernetes


Databases on Docker and Kubernetes


Application Architecture Pattern and Design

Application Architecture Pattern and Design

Observe, Review and Manage the Workflow in an Infrastructure


Observe, Review and Manage the Workflow in an Infrastructure

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Hybrid & Multi-Cloud




Hybrid & Multi-Cloud

Utilization of existing on-premises servers, storage, and networking to support ancillary services.


Move applications or other business elements to the cloud computing environment.


A specific set of policies or principles model adopted by companies to secure applications and data.


Process of tasks automation is required to manage connections and operations of workloads at scale.