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Cloud Strategy and Transformation

Companies are looking for more effective ways to manage their IT infrastructure. Hence, they are leveraging Cloud Services and Solutions for better agility and business outcomes. Enterprises have to Plan Cloud Design and Strategy, Cloud Assessment,  Cloud Migration and Cloud Security to optimize their resources in a better way for enhanced security.

XenonStack is certified Cloud Consultancy Company with expertize in Cloud Design and Strategy, Building Private Cloud, Cloud Migration, and Cloud Assessment enabling organization to reduce the complexity and Remote Workplace Management.

Next Generation Cloud Services Offerings includes –

  • Cloud Migration Strategy Assessment
  • Cloud Strategy and WorkLoad Planning
  • Cloud Security Design and Assessment
  • Cloud Infrastructure Automation
  • Building Cloud Native Capabilities
  • Cloud Management Services
  • Application Modernization Services
XenonStack Cloud Strategy and Transformation Services

Cloud Consulting and Transformation Solutions

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Xenonstack Cloud Native Services

Building Cloud Native Capabilities

Cloud-Native Enablement for Enterprises to develop modernized workloads, deploy and Run Cloud-Native Applications at Scale

XenonStack Cloud Infrastructure Management Company

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Solution offerings for empowering Cloud Infrastructure Automation, Cloud Platform Development, and Cloud Application Architecture Design Consulting

XenonStack Application Modernization Strategy

Application Modernization

Application Modernization Solutions for re-platforming, re-hosting, and re-architecting legacy applications

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Cloud Managed Services

Fully Managed solutions for Cloud Infrastructure Provisioning, Monitoring, and Performance Management.

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Build and effectively strategize Cloud Transformation RoadMap

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Managed Services for Major Public Cloud Providers

Specialized Customized Service to Tailor your Business Needs

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Amazon Web Services

  • Cloud Optimization and Automation
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Migration Service
  • 24*7 Data Security
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Microsoft Azure

  • 24*7 Management and Operations
  • Solves Complex Cloud Operations
  • Architect and Deploy
  • 24*7 Security
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Google Cloud Platform

  • Effective Auto Scaling
  • Pay-as-you-go model
  • Large number of availability zones
  • User-friendly Dashboard and troubleshooting
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Private Cloud Using Kubernetes

  • Container Application and Microservices
  • Container Security
  • Easy to Deploy and Migrate
  • Effective Monitoring and Control