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Parveen Bhandari

Parveen is a Cloud Security expert, Technology Enthusiast, and Evangelist. His vast experience in technology excites him to write and share knowledgeable content. He understands clients’ challenges and knows how to deploy and execute tasks and offer solution building. He is a great team player with exceptional problem solving capabilities.

Managed SRE Challenges and its Solutions | Ultimate Guide

Continuous Security

Managed SRE Challenges and its Solutions | Ultimate Guide

Introduction to Site Reliability Engineering Site Reliability Engineering is a revolutionary approach to IT operations. The SRE team is responsible for resolving incidents, automating operational tasks, using the software to manage systems. The most important responsibility is to maintain the reliability of systems, services, or applications. While operating as SRE, the group has to undergo...

A Guide to DevSecOps Security Checklist


A Guide to DevSecOps Security Checklist

Introduction to DevSecOps DevSecOps basically originated from the word "DevOps," which means Development Operations, and adding security to it gave rise to DevSecOps Security or simply DevSecOps,...

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