Description of Digital Security Dashboard

  • We analyze server logs from the above dashboard to find the source IP address and protocol used to reach the destination IP address.
  • Here we are calculating the average mean time taken to detect and resolve the issue each month.
  • Several attacks with sub-categories representing this attack happened along with a count of their subcategory.
  • The line chart is predicting attacks in the coming year.

Data Security 

Data Security AI Platform

Description of Data Security Dashboard

  • We analyze which asset the attacker tries to attack and through which attack they attacked from the above dashboard.
  • The bar chart shows that when an attacker is on the database, he/she tries through malware.
  • Here we are calculating the time taken to find an attack and solve that issue.
  • An upper-right bar chart is predicting attacks or threats in the coming year.

Network Security 

Network Security Dashboard

Description of Network Security Dashboard

  • Here our dashboard shows the firewall events, authentication, attacks type, and prediction to see the vulnerabilities like critical, high, medium, low.
  • So here users will get the information about attacks through which they can see the max attacks from which hacker attacks and several events logs in the morning around eight and our prediction model will show the attacks predicted from different types of attacks and here user will also get the results on authentication and firewalls.

Communication Security 

Communications Metrics Dashboard

Description of Communication Security

  • Here our dashboard will show you the communication status of security through messages, spam filters, and encryption of messages when they are delivered.
  • Here, users can see the messages delivered with user confirmation on rejected and accepted weekly. We will also get the details about encrypting messages daily.
  • Our prediction models will give the results on messages predicted every month.