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Azure Devops for Continuous Delivery for Drupal CMS

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 Azure Devops for Continuous Delivery

  • Drupal, is a platform for web content management across global enterprises and governments. It is flexible and highly scalable.
  • Continuous Delivery is a development practice where code changes automatically built, tested, and released to production.
  • It expands upon Continuous Integration by deploying all code changes to a testing/production environment after the build stage.

Continuous Integration Key features

  • Build Automation
  • Deployment Automation
  • Daily Commits
  • Unit and Kernel tests
  • Checking Drupal Code standards
  • Updating Database
  • Generating Reports

Challenge for Enabling Drupal on Azure

  • To make the Software Release Process automated by Continuous Deployment to Microsoft Azure Production.
  • The primary task to use Drupal on Cloud as compared to traditional physical servers.

Solution Offered for Building Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Continuous Delivery flow in Production Environment involves -
  • Make Merge Request for release to Master Branch.
  • Admin approves Merge Request.
  • Checkout made to the Master Branch.
  • Pull the Latest Code in the Workplace.
  • Migrate Database to Update.
  • Restart Apache Service.
  • Deploy new code successfully on the Production environment.

Adopting DevOps for Drupal Development

Adoption of DevOps for Drupal Development

  • Perform small updates frequently to assist teams and address bugs at a faster pace.
  • Microservices Architecture for faster innovation and decoupling.
  • Leverages Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.
  • Configuration Management and Infrastructure as a Code.
  • Performance tracking through monitoring and logging of the workflow.
  • Automated Functionality Tests to verify critical functionalities.

TAO of Microservices in Drupal Development

  • Scalability at granular levels
  • Autonomous Deployment and Development
  • Fault Isolation
  • Enhances individual deployment
  • Follows pre-defined strategy
  • Domain Driven Design to model services
  • Ensures data privacy to each Microservice
  • Eliminates manual configuration changes
  • Groups multiple functions into a single unit
  • Assigns different team for each Microservice

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