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Overview of Blue Prism

Blue Prism’s connected-RPA (Robotic Process Automation) offering provides enterprises with an intelligent digital workforce (software robots) capable of self-learning & continuous improvement, empowers users to automate billions of transactions, and saves hundreds of millions of hours of employees and enables them to do more work. By pairing a digital worker with an up-skilled workforce, businesses can keep their initiatives towards cost-effective, streamlined & sustainable work. When we use Blue Prism, we create a foundation for intelligent automation, i.e., scalable & sustainable. We create a platform for change & no-coding-needed access to both built-in & 3rd party AI.

BOT AIML Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of AI-driven Digital-Workers that enable RPA, and “Blueprism” is a prominent player of RPA that can automate routine tasks and eliminate inefficiency.The automation engine, i.e., blueprism, can automate Excel, XML, CSV, pdf, image, etc. It provides support for Microsoft Azure & Amazon AWS cloud deployment patterns. It can automate software development in Java, Mainframe, Web-based, Windows Applications.

Blue Prism Working Architecture

Intelligent Digital Workforce Platform One business-led, technology-controlled workforce digital smart platform to help us become a digital company, delivering human solutions, and engaging customer experiences. It takes more than one technology to convert a digital enterprise. Quickly build and deploy a Digital Workshop that securely connects to our staff, processes, and systems- as well as best-in-class technologies to help us compete and grow.

Features of Blue Prism

  • Secure & Accurate
  • Robust
  • 24*7 Workforce
  • Analytics
  • Data Security & Abstraction
  • Provide Cloud Support
  • Execution Intelligence

Components of Blue Prism

  • Object Studio
  • Process Studio
  • Control Room
  • Release Manager
  • System Manager
  • Work Queue
  • Exception Handling

RPA stands for

Robotic- Involving a machine which simulates human actions

Process – A step-by-step course which can perform a task

Automation – Having no human intervention

Best Robotic Process Automation ToolsCommunity EditionRobotsFeatureUser-friendlyOverall reliability
UI PathAvailableFront office & back office robotsDrag and drop, macro recordingHighModerate
Blue PrismNot availableBack office automation onlyDrag and dropHighHigh
Automation AnywhereAvailableFront office & back office robotsDrag and drop, macro recordingHighHigh

Robotic Process Automation Challenges Companies Face during its Implementation

  • Employee Resistance and On boarding
  • Processes have to be Right
  • Setting up Realistic Expectations
  • Mismanagement of Responsibilities
  • Lack of the Local Team
  • Desirable, but not Economical
  • RPA Maintenance
  • The Wrong RPA
  • Infrastructure Issues
  • Post-Implementation Adoption
  • Ownership
  • Limited Application
  • An interim Solution
  • Process Analysis Issues
  • Business Case Issues
  • RPA Development

How to Overcome Robotic Process Automation Challenges?

RPA Implementation takes proper planning. The businesses are still adopting RPA solutions because they know how to master RPA challenges quickly. They consider resistance and on boarding, their fear, infrastructure issues, business activities, organizational restructuring, the latest applications, etc. Also, businesses are now adopting the right methods for their processes as well to defend their future and to protect their capital as well.

Business Impact

The company started delivering better operational efficiencies, with the production capacity to be extended from 8 hours/day to 24 hours.

  • No additional headcount
  • End to end auditing performed
  • Improvement of customer experience with high human interaction.

Blue-Prism RPA Capabilities Covered

  • 15 core processes covered
  • 1.000-1.200 FTE (Full Time Equivalent) replaced
  • 400-500k cases per month
  • 160 robots decoyed: run by a team of 3
  • 12 months payback period
  • Three years ROI (Return on Investment) of 650-800%

A Holistic Strategy

Developing Blue Prism based RPA Platform enables Intelligent Digital Workforce Platform and engaging customer experiences.To learn more intelligent digital workforce transformation we advise `taking the following steps –

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