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NexaStack - DevOps & Serverless Computing Platform

  • Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment & Continuous Delivery Pipeline.
  • Flexibility, Security and Stability for Enterprises Application.
  • BigData Infrastructure using MicroServices - Docker & Kubernetes.
  • Deploy On-Premises, Public & Private Cloud.
  • Cognitive Insights using Machine Learning and AI.
  • Monitoring & Alerting For Application and DevOps Pipeline.

ElixirData - Modern Data Integration Platform

  • Modern Data Integration Platform for BigData and Fast Data.
  • Agent based architecture keeps your data secure and on-premises. Data security is natively provided.
  • Data Integration Platform with Auto-Mapper and Lambda based data transformation pipeline.
  • Real Time & Streaming Analytics Data Integration.
  • Develop your customized real-time Data Pipeline on-premises.
  • Secure Mode Hadoop/Spark Cluster Automatic Deployment.
  • Integration with Amazon RedShift and Google Big Query. - Automated & Knowledge Driven AI Platform

  • Modern Agile & DevOps Architecture.
  • Build Intelligent Applications, Digital Virtual & Predictive Agents.
  • Interactive and Drag-Drop UI Workflows.
  • Develop using Interactive Jupyter and Tensor Flow.

Xenonify - Full Stack IoT Platform With Predictive Analytics

  • Identity & Access Management.
  • IoT Protocols & Messaging .
  • Streaming & Real Time Data Integration & Analytics for IoT Solution.
  • Real Time Predictive and Preventive Intelligence.
  • Microservices, Docker and Kubernetes for Internet of Things.

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