Data Ingestion From different Sources with Apache Nifi

Building Data Ingestion Platform

Building a Data Ingestion Platform using Apache Nifi could be tedious. Let’s explore this use case that reveals the challenges and techniques to build such a platform.

  • Apache Nifi is an open source for distributing and processing of data supporting data routing and transformation.
  • It is an integration, automation tool to perform data ingestion at a faster pace.
  • Data Ingestion is a process of moving data from source to destination to analyze further.


Business Challenge for Building Data Pipeline


  • Build a Data Pipeline on a single platform for each case.
  • Build a platform to handle high load.
  • Different Processes run at Different Time
  • Data Loss and Duplication.
  • Distributed Systems lead to Broken Connections<./li>


Solution Offerings for Using Apache Nifi


  • Apache Nifi for building Data Ingestion Platform uses a reliable system to process and distribute the data over several resources.
  • Apache NiFi works in both standalone mode and cluster mode. Apache Nifi retrieves incoming messages, filters, and formats using different processors.
  • Real-Time Processing in the cluster to perform ETL at Real-Time.
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