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Big Data Managed Services and Solutions

01 Big Data Managed Services_02 illustration Management and Development Solutions

Big Data Infrastructure Management and Development Solutions

Empowering Managed Big Data operations and management with agile operations methodology further Optimizing Big Data Configurations, streamlined data Integration, management practices, and Simplify management of complex big data environments.

  • 01 Big Data Managed Services_04 Icon Hadoop Application Security

    Big Data Security

  • 01 Big Data Managed Services_03 Icon Big Data Security

    Hadoop Application Support

  • 01 Big Data Managed Services_05 Icon Managed Big Data platforms

    Managed Big Data platforms

  • 01 Big Data Managed Services_06 Ongoing Application Support

    Ongoing Application Support

  • 01 Big Data Managed Services_08 Managed Analytics Platform

    Migration and Infrastructure Optimization

  • 01 Big Data Managed Services_07 Migration and Infrastructure Optimization

    Managed Analytics Platform

Big Data Security

Big Data Security Consulting Services for building effective security design and supporting enterprises to protect assets more efficiently and manage regulatory and audit obligations.

01 Big Data Managed Services_10 M Icon Hadoop Application Support

Hadoop Application Support

Managed Service offerings for efficient Administration and Monitoring of Infrastructure Operations and Hadoop Services.

01 Big Data Managed Services_11 M Icon Managed Big Data platforms

Managed Big Data platforms

Enabling End-to-End Management for effective Implementation of Big Data Infrastructure and 24/7 Monitoring Solutions.

01 Big Data Managed Services_12 M Icon Migration and Infrastructure Optimization

Migration and Infrastructure Optimization

Solutions for Developing effective Big Data Infrastructure Strategy and Managing Big Data Infrastructure.

Big Data Services




  • Managed Security

    • Basic Monitoring

    • 24 x 7 Support




  • All Standard features

    • Managed Backup Full and Daily Snapshots

    • Managed Operating System Patches and Updates, Hardening, Configuration and Tuning




  • All Standard and Pro features

    • Application Monitoring and Response CPU, RAM, Disk IO, URL, and Application metrics

    • Advanced Enterprise Analytics and Dashboard


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