Deploying ArangoDb Cluster Graph Database on Kubernetes

Introduction to ArangoDB


  • ArangoDB is a multi-model database supporting key-value pair, graph models, and document store.
  • Leverage functionality of ArangoDB on the top of Kubernetes to scale ArangoDB according to requirement.
  • Graph Database mainly focuses on representing many to many relationships between the documents which are inside the edge collection for the different document base collections.


Challenge for Setting Up a Multi-Model Database on Kubernetes


  • Build a multi-dimensional database to scale and containerize according to requirement.
  • Set up a multi-model database with a document, key value, and graph on Kubernetes.
  • Container environment is not persistent by default, databases in Kubernetes need Persistent Storage to store data.
  • Use Kubernetes to scale up ArangoDB.


Solution Offered for Building Multi-Model Database


To overcome the challenges mentioned above –


  • Set up three nodes Kubernetes cluster on AWS where one acts as a master and the other two, minions.
  • For deploying databases on Kubernetes, have Persistent Storage as Containers can die and start at any time, but the data should remain persistent.
  • Select GlusterFS as a storage solution to support multi-mount as data remains on all nodes of GlusterFS.
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