Understanding How to Trigger Jobs Using Jenkins and PowerShell

Trigger Jobs Using Jenkins

  • Download Jenkins and go to Jenkins Dashboard.
  • Click on manage Jenkins.
  • Click on Configure Jenkins.
  • Click on JDK installation.
  • Configure Jenkins with Selenium.
  • Create Selenium Script to create a Batch File to be used in Jenkins.
  • Go to project Root Directory and create a Library Folder.
  • Schedule Jenkins Job by clicking on Jenkins Job to configure.
  • Build Trigger as well as click on Build Periodically option.
  • Select Email notification through Manage Jenkins section.
  • Run Selenium script through command line.

Trigger Jobs Using Powershell

  • Download Powershell Latest version.
  • Find the Azure Backup PowerShell command-let.
  • Sign in to Azure account.
  • Select the subscription needed.
  • Register Azure Recovery Service provider with the subscription if using the account for the first time.
  • Verify successful registration.
  • Create a Recovery Service Vault.
  • View Vaults in subscription.
  • BackUp Azure Virtual Machines.
  • Trigger and Monitor BackUp
  • Restore Azure Virtual Machine through recovery point, restoring the disk and creating Virtual Machine from restored disk.
  • Restore files from Azure Virtual Machine BackUp.