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Dr. Jagreet Kaur Gill | 09 December 2022

What are Infrastructure Management Challenges?

Company decisions for investing in upgrading infrastructure are strategic and should be based on early data and supporting metrics. Sometimes companies face problems finding an approach for improving customer service to valuable clients, call satisfaction rate, resolve maximum issues, and even increase market share. We provide a solution that will help the organization decide the best approach before starting with the upgrade.

AI Solution for Infrastructure Management

  • With Xenonstack support, one can build a fast and more accurate predictive model for Infrastructure Management.
  •  This model can easily get information about the number of calls each month and calls' satisfaction rates. This will also help in identifying the location of customers along with tenure.
  • For doing this, collect historical data of call center-related customers and their experience. This will help in predicting how much revenue we will be able to generate this year.

Why Xenonstack

By clicking on the demo button, one can send a demo request; we will provide a predicted model demo for infrastructure management. Through this, one can summarize several issues from a different location and find the major issues customers face. It will give insights into customers' total calls in a month and call success rate.


Infrastructure Monitoring Dashboard


Described below are the benefits of an ML-driven platform for monitoring Infrastructure.
  • This dashboard shows that from Mumbai, we have maximum customers and have a tenure of 2 years.
  • Around 28.4% of calls are related to billing issues, and most issues are happening at goa.
  • Here we have around 70% call success rate and maximum calls received in January and August.
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