AWS Jenkins Pipeline Continuous Integration with Magento

Introduction to Jenkins Configuration

Jenkins Configuration involves –

  • Plugins Installation
  • Setup pipeline libraries
  • Configure build agents
  • Configure deploy and test nodes (permanent)

It also comprises of –

  • Source Code Compilation and Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Source Code Analysis at commit stage
  • Assembly and Packaging
  • Publishing Artifacts
  • Retrieving Artifacts
  • Deployment for Functional Testing at Acceptance Stage
  • Perform Functional Testing
  • User Acceptance Tests
  • Deployment to Production

Challenge for Building Continuous Delivery and Integration Pipeline

  • Building a highly available, scalable production environment to deploy Magento projects on AWS.
  • Build Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipeline to do an automatic deployment for development, staging/release and production environment.

Solution Offered for Building Automation Infrastructure

  • Build Automation Infrastructure using AWS, Magento, MySQL DB, caching storage & Jenkins.
  • AWS – To create EC2 instances (Ubuntu 16.04), VPC & security groups.
  • GitLab – GitLab as a central place for storing client’s Magento projects’ code.
  • Jenkins – Jenkins act as Continuous Integration server & builds the artifacts to deploy on Magento environment in AWS EC2 instances.
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