Overview of Building Cloud Native Applications


AIOps achieves Digital Transformation with Cloud-Native Architecture, streamlining incident resolution and migration to AWS. Enabling Performance Monitoring, Service management, Log indexing, eliminating human operators, automating tasks, Noise management of alerts, Root Cause analysis with Artificial Intelligence providing Hybrid Environment. Cloud Monitoring Solutions with Mean-Time-To Detect (MTTD) and Mean-Time-To-Resolve (MTTR). Enhancing Real-Time Topology model, automatic updates, AI Powered Cloud Monitoring.


Cloud Native Applications Features


  • Scale-In and Scale-Out Capability
  • Independent, autonomous services
  • Packaged as lightweight containers
  • Language and Framework specific
  • Loosely coupled Microservices
  • Follows Agile DevOps Processes
  • Hybrid Architecture
  • Integrates with Cloud Services
  • Separates Compute from Storage
  • Continuous Observability
  • Support Resources efficiently
  • Actionable Insights at Real-Time
  • Automated Capabilities