Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Supply Chain and Retail Industry

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Transform Supply Chain and Retail with AI

Artificial Intelligence-enabled solutions for empowering Enterprises to deliver personalized consumer experiences, boost sales while decreasing costs and implement a comprehensive view of the customer and related supply chain business processes-

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    Enable Supply Chain Intelligence and enable demand forecasting for deriving better outcomes

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    Tailored analytics to specific supply chain functions, including supplier management and sourcing

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    Comprehensive user self-service capabilities to reduce the burden on IT resources

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    Real Time Analytics Platform Deployment On-Premises as well as Public Cloud

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    Algorithms and Model Management with Version Logging and Management

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    Customized Data Visualization with Business Intelligence

AI-powered Solutions for Supply Chain and Retail

Building Digital Strategy for Retail and Supply Chain Industry

Market Analysis

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Focuses on analyzing the market – using internal and external data – in which the company is operating by providing geographic and demographic insights, competitive intelligence, current performance and trends.

Financial Forecast

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Translates company strategy into financial projections and scenarios by developing Financial Forecasting based on inputs from other analyses such as market analysis, store potential and assortment planning, combined with external drivers.

Pricing Strategy Analysis

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Focuses on how demand varies at different price levels and with additional promotion/rebate offers and determines optimal prices throughout product/service life cycle and customer segment.

Artificial Intelligence Applications for Retail and Supply Chain Industry

Solutions for Improving Customer Satisfaction and Network Performance

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Space Optimization

Deals with Macro and Micro space analysis improve store layouts and store planning and optimization of shelf-space to assure the most optimal arrangement of goods (individual placement of goods and relation to other goods on the same shelf).

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Marketing ROI Analysis

Focus on determining which marketing investments work and which are less effective. By reducing inefficient spending and intensifying high return marketing tactics, the marketing mix is optimized, leading to a higher return on overall marketing spend.

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Promotion Effectiveness Analysis

Promotions are evaluated using advanced analytical techniques to understand their effects better and reveal critical drivers for the effectiveness of advertisements. A better understanding of promotion effects can also be used to forecast promotional sales.

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Omnichannel Insights

They aim to improve customer experience by providing a seamless and consistent shopping experience, improving customer loyalty and sales. By tracking the customer across online and offline channels, the customer is placed at the center of all marketing activities.

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Customer Traffic Analysis

Helps in Gaining insights into customer purchasing patterns to build incremental business strategies and drive long-term loyalty.

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Finance Analytics

Enable clients to model business processes and gain deeper insight into cost and profitability drivers through working capital and spend analytics.

Artificial Intelligence Related Insights

Building Enterprise AI Platform on Kubernetes


Building Enterprise AI Platform on Kubernetes

Choosing Kubernetes for your Data Science Stack enables using Lift and Shift to Multiple Cloud Vendors so that there is no Vendor Lock-in involved in your next AI Project. An ideal Multi-Cloud shall determine on which Cloud Provider the Model can run more efficiently, cost, and performance-wise.

09 February 2022

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