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Artificial Intelligence in Insurance Claim Processing and Fraud Analytics

How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting the Insurance Industry.

AI Solutions

Artificial Intelligence in Insurance Claim Processing and Fraud Analytics

  • Online and Economy Sharing
  • Niche Wellness Services
  • Early Warning Systems
  • Customer Engagement and Social Media Platforms
  • Rent Protection and Smart Homes
  • Threat Intelligence and Automation
  • Real-Time Estimation, Fraud Reduction and Improved Security
  • Remote Claim Settlement and High Quality Evidence
  • Customer Satisfaction & Robo-Advisors for Financial Products
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Artificial Intelligence for Insurance Service Offerings

Streamlining Insurance Claims and Risk Quantification with AI.

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Consumer Behaviour and Marketing

By enabling the clients to acquire new customers, identifying customers, designing Segment-Based Retention strategies with Acquisition and Churn Analytics.

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Risk & Compliance Analytics

Risk and Compliance Analytics to proactively identify issues, take corrective action, and self-report to regulators on a timely basis.

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Fraud Analytics

Using AI, Insurers improve Fraud Detection and criminal activity through Data Management and Predictive Modeling. Match the variables in every claim against the profiles of past claims which are fraudulent for further investigation.

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Analytics Based Insurance Solutions

  • Text Analytics
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Speech Recognition, Image and Video Analysis
  • Natural Language Generation & Simulation Modeling
  • Risk Quantification
  • Continuous Monitoring & System Characterisation

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Insurance

Real-Time Claim Processing and Decision Management Solutions for Enterprises.