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Introduction to Big Data Applications

In this era, Organizations are able to access more data than ever before and XenonStack offers value to these organizations by letting them know how to put theirBig Datato work. Not only this, but we also provide Big Data Use Cases to assure security and give a 360-degree view to the customer.

A Use Case is a written description that indicates the interactions between the users and a system. In addition to this, this helps the user by representing them a series of tasks it contains with the features it might use to fulfill any particular user's goal.

Choosing the right use cases that deliver business value is the key for capitalizing on opportunities presented by big data technologies. Source: Gartner, Inc

Big Data Analytics Use Cases

  • Healthcare & Insurance

  • Oil & Gas Industries

  • Retail

  • Manufacturing

  • Infrastructure Automation

  • Real-Time Big Data Analytics Infrastructure with Smack Stack

Big Data in Healthcare Insurance

The Amount of Data in Healthcare is increasing at an astonishing rate. However, in general, the industry has not deployed the data management and analysis level necessary to use those data. As a result, healthcare executives face the risk of being overwhelmed by a flood of unusable data. Big Data use case in Healthcare

How is big data analytics used in oil and gas industry?

Overview of Big Data Analytics Platform for Oil Gas Industries - Building an analytics platform involves collecting data from the API of various sources, followed by integrating data into the application, and the ability to deal with a large chunk of data. Secondly, build and plan for the data storage for constant updations. Further, it includes processing the data and turning the collected raw data into relevant information, further visualizing the data, and performing analytics to develop applications.

Big Data Use Case for Oil and Gas Industries

How Big Data is used in retail industry?

Predictive Analysis, along with Retail, has leveraged the power of Big Data by providing improved customer service, targeted promotions, Decision Making, and Supply Chain Analytics. Download Use Case:Predictive Analytics Solution for Retail

Big Data in Manufacturing Industry

Smart Manufacturing is a technology-driven approach that uses Internet-connected machinery to observe the production process. The purpose of SM is to recognize the possibilities for automating processes and use data analytics to enhance manufacturing execution.

Rolls-Royce put Big Data processes to use in three key areas of their operations: design, manufacture, and after-sales support. Source: Forbes

Big Data Analytics Use Cases in Manufacturing

Infrastructure Automation for Big Data and Kubernetes

Hadoop Cluster with OpenStack enables faster cluster provision and easy configuration. It provides Scale-Up and Scale-Down by demand supported by the various plugin.

infrastructure automation for big data analytics

Real-Time Big Data Analytics Infrastructure on Mesos Kubernetes

Guide to Building Data Analytics Infrastructure with SMACKStack using the following terms –

  • S – Stands for Apache Spark used for Batch Processing or Real-Time Data Streaming.
  • M – Stands for Apache Mesos responsible for installation and administration.
  • A – Stands for Akka for Data Streaming and Data Ingestion at a faster pace.
  • C – Stands for Cassandra database to write and read the stored data.
  • K – Stands for Apache Kafka to perform decoupling and reduction of overhead.
Predictive analytics practices many ways from data mining, statistics, modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to examine current data to make forecasts about the future.Click to explore about, Predictive Healthcare Analytics Platform

Other Use Cases For Big Data Analytics

  • Cloud Data Migration
  • Analytics Data warehouse on Cloud
  • Data Ingestion Platform Solutions using Apache Nifi
  • Apache Mesos: Distributed systems
  • Big Data Compliance


In addition to the above given Big Data Use Cases, there is much more Big Data can do for your Business to grow higher in this competitive world. The major reason behind why companies collect Big Data is to know their customer's experience which indirectly helps in improving the organization's relationships with their customers and helps in engaging with them in a much better way.

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