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AI Transformation for Infrastructure and Operations

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Artificial Intelligence Services for Infrastructure Systems

Artificial Intelligence-based methods to influence the IT Infrastructure Automation and Management. Leading AI Solutions for Infrastructure Management and Operations Service Offerings –

  • AI Industries-Infrastructure_03 Icon The necessity for AI insecurity

    The necessity for AI insecurity

  • AI Industries-Infrastructure_04 Icon The demand for greater resources

    The demand for greater resources

  • AI Industries-Infrastructure_05 Icon Intelligent Monitoring

    Intelligent Monitoring

  • AI Industries-Infrastructure_09 Icon System of Record & Automation

    Automated Support & Intelligent Storage

  • AI Industries-Infrastructure_07 Icon AI-defined Infrastructure Management

    AI-defined Infrastructure Management

  • AI Industries-Infrastructure_08 Icon Monitoring & Engagement Ecosystem

    Monitoring & Engagement Ecosystem

Artificial Intelligence for Infrastructure Service Offerings

Harnessing AIOps for Accessing and managing the computing resources effectively.

Anomaly Detection

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Real-Time Decision Making, Auto-encoders in High Performing Systems,Real-Time Root Cause Analysis, Cyber Intrusions and Fraud, find Temporal Patterns, prevention of potential outages and disruptions faced by the infrastructure.

Threat Detection

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Detects Distributed Denial of Service Attacks(DDoS) and BotNet, Security Automation, Predictive analysis, diagnosis, and recommendations, enhances human analysis, automates repetitive security tasks, and closes zero-day vulnerabilities.

Intelligent Storage Monitoring

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Storage resources are managed continuously for optimum utilisation and performance. Predictive Analytics automatically adjusts capacity of storage by adding new volumes proactively. Configuration Management and Energy Saving.

Features of AI Driven Infrastructure Platform

AI Transformation for Infrastructure and Operations.

AI Industries-Infrastructure_16 M Icon Automated Behaviour Prediction

Automated Behaviour Prediction

On the basis of analysis of infrastructure, application and users, issues are predicted in advance that affect availability and performance.

AI Industries-Infrastructure_17 MIcon Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis - Intelligent infrastructure continuous Monitoring

It involves identification and correlation of issues across the higher amount of data. Pattern Detection, detects Cyber Attacks and identifies abnormalities.

AI Industries-Infrastructure_18 M Icon Data-Driven Recommendations

Data-Driven Recommendations

Better Decision Making at Real-Time and Historical Data, focuses on Data Ingestion, Storage and Data Management, safe Data Pipeline, establish Data Governance, ingesting various data types, Supervised Learning.

AI Industries-Infrastructure_19 M Icon DevOps and Cloud Automation

DevOps and Cloud Automation

Automatic Monitoring for deployment of metrics, Continuous Monitoring, quickly invoke issue detection rollbacks, Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC), generate on-demand infra utilisation metrics, Intelligent-Ops.

AI Industries-Infrastructure_20 M Icon Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation - Integrate IoT and Edge computing workloads

End-to-End Visibility into infrastructure and applications, BlockChain, Internet of Things(IoT), Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D Printing and Robotics , increase in bandwidth.

AI Industries-Infrastructure_21 M Icon Alert Notifications and Faster Deployment

Alert Notifications and Faster Deployment

Reduce operational noise across the production stack, deploy automated actions for known events with embedded business logic, increase the speed of monitoring and performance issues.

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XenonStack is now Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

We are proud to announce that XenonStack is now a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider, Run by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in collaboration with the Linux Foundation. We are also Silver Partner of the Linux Foundation and Cloud Native Computing Foundation. The CNCF encourages the development of cloud-based open-source applications by rendering technologies available to the open-source community and by promoting ecosystem development Kubernetes Certified Service Provider is a testimony to XenonStack’s dedication to contributing to Kubernetes’ growth. 

21 April 2020

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