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Accelerate containerized application development with AKS offerings

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is a managed container orchestration service with Kubernetes open-source system. AKS is available on the public cloud of Microsoft Azure. With Xenonstack and Azure Kubernetes enterprise can deploy, scale and manage Docker containers and container-based applications across a cluster of container hosts.

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    Monitoring and Compliance

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    Continuous Integration

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    Continuous Delivery

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    Automated Provisioning

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    Fully managed clusters

Elastic Provisioning

Enable Elastic and Scalable Cluster Provisioning and event-driven auto-scalable infrastructure.

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Container Orchestration

XenonStack Enable Scalability Image

Enable Scalability

XenonStack Efficient Resource Utilization Image

Efficient resource utilization

Azure Development Spaces

Faster end-to-end development experience and agile containerised application development

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Streamline AKS clusters Deployment

XenonStack Build Automated Deployment Strategy Image

Build Automated Deployment Strategy

XenonStack End to End Managed Services Image

End-to-End Managed Services

Secure Applications with Azure

Secured foundation, built on an enterprise-grade. Sophisticated pod security, identity and access management.

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Role-based access control

XenonStack Network Security Groups Image

Network security groups

XenonStack Automate Threat Detection Mechanisms Image

Automate Threat detection mechanisms

Migrate to AKS

Achieve automated provisioning, repair, monitoring and scaling of infrastructures.

XenonStack Enhance operational Efficiency Image

Enhance operational efficiency

XenonStack Enable Higher Availability Image

Enable Higher Availability

XenonStack Streamline Deployment and Implementation Processes Image

Streamline Deployment and Implementation Processes

Microsoft Azure Cloud Development and Implementation Solutions

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Build and Develop Industry leading Digital Transformation Solutions

XenonStack has been partnering with leading Technology and Platform Services providers to develop next generation Scalable Solutions. Enabling Enterprise Transformation with Scalable and industry leading applications.

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XenonStack Azure Partner Image

Request for Services

Find out more about How your Enterprise can Streamline Data Operations and enable effective Management

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