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Digital Commerce Solutions with Real Time Big Data Analytics

Nexastack automates Cloud Native and different IaC tools and best practices for effective infrastructure setup and management and enabling Improved audibility and versioning. IaC helps teams to perform automated configuration steps for building, maintaining Cloud infrastructure with best practices. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) empowers enterprises to minimize issues at deployment, safety prospects and decrease configuration drift.

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Cloud-Native Capability

Empowers the enterprises to build and scale effectively in cloud-native environments without having to worry about infrastructure setup and management across multiple cloud platforms too.

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Continuous Compliance

Enables the customers with Continuous Compliance to ensure that the enterprise meets the continuously changing IT regulatory standards and requirements.

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Cost Optimization

Enables organizations to get enhanced visibility over their data utilization and associated costs that helps them in improving their strategies and work models that ultimately increase their business value.

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Nexastack - Infrastructure as Code Platform Offerings

NexaStack helps organizations to use and manage multiple different automation frameworks through a single platform. Enterprises can experience centralized Governance of Multiple Public Cloud Providers under one roof for an easier shift towards the multi-cloud environment approach and efficient management of the same through the use of NexaStack as an IaC platform.

Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Release Engineering


Continuous Delivery

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Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Whether the infrastructure needs to be set up on any of the cloud platforms namely GCP, AWS or Azure; or on a hybrid environment including both private and public cloud; or only on an on-premises environment; Nexastack proves to be the best choice.

  • On-Premises Support

  • Navigate Hybrid Environment

  • Public Cloud management

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Nexastack_15 Icon Release Engineering

Release Engineering

Best practices of DevOps, easier configuration management, faster builds and deployments to multi-environment management. Choose NexaStack for an efficient release engineering process.

  • Configuration Management

  • No Configuration Drift

  • Supports Multiple Environments

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Nexastack_19 Icon DevSecOps


Remove the bottleneck effect of your older security models present within your delivery pipelines and bridge the gap between IT and security in your organization. Nexastack, is the one-stop solution for all your security problems.

  • Configuration Management

  • Application Security

  • Policy and Compliance

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Nexastack_21 Icon Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

NexaStack for reliable continuous delivery of your application. It helps remove challenges you face while providing updates to your application product. Additionally, Provide frequent updates to your application and continuously improve your product for the users.

  • Efficient Application Delivery

  • Quicker Deployments

  • Integrate Continuous Delivery Pipeline

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