Complete Guide to Continuous Deployment


Kubernetes is intuitive and Logical User Interface. Kubernetes reduces Release Time Cycles, automated platform to eliminate infrastructure management, maximizes the efficiency of server usage.


Continuous Deployment Processing


  • Create a Microservice and attach Docker Image.
  • Leverage Platform through container specifications.
  • Create environments to determine efficiency of Microservice.
  • Deployment and Testing over three environments called Development, Testing, and Production.
  • Kubernetes Cluster to represent development environment.
  • Canary development is an excellent option.


Continuous Deployment of ASP.NET Core


  • Create Services in Microsoft Azure.
  • Create Endpoints through Azure Manager and Kubernetes Service Connection.
  • Configure Continuous Integration build.
  • Creation of sample application.
  • Create Visual Studio Build.
  • Configure Release Pipeline.
  • Create Kubernetes Configuration.
  • Deployment to Kubernetes Task.