Azure Data Analytics Overview


Azure Data Lake stores a vast amount of data to perform analytics and execute Big Data Analysis. Purely dedicated to code and analytics providing optimized performance for Big Data workloads. It has three services called as Data Lake Store, Data Lake Analytics and Azure HDInsight.


Data Lake Key Features


  • Metadata Extraction
  • Data Indexing and Formatting
  • Aggregation
  • Cross-Linking
  • Segmentation


Azure Data Analytics involves Dynamic Scaling, handles the job of any scale, analyses data of any kind and size through multiple access methods, processes unstructured image data, runs massive parallel Data Transformation and Processing programmes. Moreover, develop, debug and optimization through familiar tools at a faster pace.


Azure Data Analytics Services


  • Cost Effective
  • Real-Time Data Stream Processing for millions of records
  • Recommendations and Personalised Experience for Customers
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Real-Time Operational Data and Business Intelligence