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Introduction to Robotic Process Automation

Before understanding Automation Anywhere, we will first know about Robotic Process Automation. RPA is a technology which enables us to create software robots that can automate the rule-based repetitive task by mimicking human actions. We have various tools to carry out RPA. Top three RPA tools are Automation Anywhere, UiPath and Blue Prism.
The heart of RPA CoE is the RPA operations Team. The team has defined roles and responsibilities. This team is responsible for implementing Organization-wide RPA. Taken From Article, Guide to build RPA Center of Excellence

What is Automation Anywhere?

It is a vendor which give RPA platform to us. Using this, we can automate complex tasks because it uses the most intelligent and intuitive RPA platform known as ‘The intelligent digital workforce’ for Automation. It provides centralized deployment and control system. Its centralized control room allows managing, monitoring and scaling bots across multiple business functions. 

What is the architecture of Automation Anywhere?

It has distributed architecture. It consists of three components:
  • Control Room
  • Bot Creator
  • Bot Runner
Both Bot Creator and Bot runner are connected to centrally management system Control room.

Bot Creator

Bot creator uses the desktop application. They create bots. Bot creator can upload and download bots to control room.

Control room

It is a web-based control room allows administration and monitoring of multisided infrastructure. It handles the entire execution. It is the essential part of the architecture of it. the control room is responsible for managing user and bot. So it is easy to maintain code of bots from one place. Dashboard here allows us to analyze the success and failure of bots. The control room is responsible for license management.

Bot Runner

The bot runner is a software machine that runs bot. Bot runner runs the bot that is created by bot creator. We can have multiple bots running in parallel. 
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What are the features of Automation Anywhere?

The best features are highlighted below:


It is flexible. It means we don’t need to make changes to our previous application.


It supports Kerberos and NTLM based authentication. Also, it supports comprehensive and non-repudiable authentication. Additionally uses secure recording for sensitive information. It helps credential vault with RBAC-based locker and security management system.


Software bots are easy to build. It takes days to be ready. Additionally, it is scalable; Also, offers script-less Automation. It provides 500+ available to download bots.


All the process is transparent. It means the process can manage and monitored from a centralized control room.

Augmented RPA

It provides combined RPA + AI + Analytics. This property makes this platform complete to deliver an enterprise digital workforce.

What are the various types of Bots?

There are three types of bots:
  • Task bot
  • Meta bot
  • IQ bot

Task Bot

Task bot is using to automate rule-based and repetitive tasks that rely on structured data. We can create task bots using solution accelerator available in bot creator. Task bot is easy to build and more resilient to change. It reduces cost, improves efficiency, increases capacity, decreases errors and increase productivity.

Meta Bot

These are legal, like building blocks that are highly resilient and usable for automating target application. It accelerates deployment of the digital workforce by providing scalability and extensibility to RPA platform. They are available in command library Enterprise. User can create new metabot and leverage existing one using metabot designer. Metabot is app resilient. It means minimum edits required to update bots and those changes automatically apply at any task utilizing that path. Metabot helps to get high ROI, scale affectively and accelerate companywide automation vision.

IQ Bot

Next-generation intelligence bots allow developers to add cognitive capabilities to process. IQ Bots with vision skills is it’s the first step of cognitive RPA. It uses the cognitive ability to extract data from semi-structured and unstructured data. With every human validation, it learns and grows smarter. User can use the latest AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing, computer vision, Machine learning, fuzzy logic to process unstructured data without the use of data scientists.
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What are the vital components of Automation anywhere?

The vital components of are listed below:

Bot Insight

It is a powerful analytic ability embedded in it. It analyzes real-time data. It is a platform that provides interactive, real-time and smart insight. We use bot insight to analyze bot performance. It gives us graphs and statistic by which we can analyze data which can help us to improve business value. Using auto-generated and customizable dashboards, it converts data captured by deployed bots into insight. Using insight, we can predict and solve business problems.  Bot Insight provides two types of Analytics:
  • Business Analytics
  • Operational Analytics

Business Analytics

This is a complete turnkey RPA analytic solution that requires no integration with other tools. Everything is built-in and ready right out of the box. This enables to quantify the business value added by bots for business executives. This provides information about transactional analysis of logged data of tagged variables. For this first, we have to execute the bot.

Operational Analytics

Operational Analytic track bot’s activity. Operation manager and practitioner can continuously monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of their digital workforce.
  • It helps to track the activity of the bot
  • It tells the about the bot that uses the most system resources.
  • A bot that is scheduled to run
  • Bots that are failed.
  • It tells the percentage of bots that are in progress, paused, unknown and complete execution.

Bot Store

Bot store in Automation Anywhere is an online marketplace that provides RPA bots. These bots can run on it Enterprise platform. We just need to find the bot that we needed, and then we can simply download it and plug it into our process. It provides us bot of every type of business automation. Thus by using this, we can lower our cost of development and accelerate development.

Bot Farm

Bot Farm is a platform of it for bots on demand. It delivers on-demand RPA with elasticity, scalability, resilience, by the feature of deploying bot anytime, anywhere with a single click it scales capacity of the digital workforce. Here we can give bots on a rental basis.

Industry usage of Automation Anywhere

Almost all industries are using this for automating processes. Such as:
  • Health Care
  • Human Resource
  • Finance and Banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Telecom


Healthcare helps the organization by lowering cost and providing better access to take care of patients. The organization can use RPA for reporting, insurance and claiming process, MI processing, storing data of patients. It improves quality measures and efficiency of the healthcare industry.

Human Resource

It automates the process of recruit, screen and onboard new hire more efficiently and quickly. By using this, they can automate the process of sending notification and emails to employees.

Finance and Banking

It can automate the process with more accuracy and efficiency. It helps in automating process of handling invoices, payable and receivable process, reconciliation process, tax reporting and cash account reconciliation in finance and banks.


This enables to increase the speed of processes by automating backend processes that are taking too much of time. It helps in automation processes such as handling data, processing data, reporting and ERP integration.


Insurance companies have the vast amount of data to improve claim, underwriting and policy service. For acquiring their goals Automation Anywhere help them to improve their process by Automation. It enhances service delivery, improves risk assessment and reduces the operating costs.


It can use in Telecom industry for billing, invoicing, onboarding and offboarding, handling data, and reporting. Thus by Automation, the employee can concentrate on customers rather than focus on backend rule-based, repetitive tasks.

What are the features of Automation Anywhere?

  • Auto Calibration technology of it can change quickly accordingly to changes. It enables the bot to sense and automatically adjusts to apply changes immediately.
  • Since AI technology of it helps bots to perform tasks as humans in the real world.
  • It is the only enterprise-grade RPA platform with analytic and cognitive capability. To automate end to end process its cognitive part act on semi-structured data.
  • To extract data and make bots more reliable  has incorporated ML technique such as feature extraction and classification algorithms.
  • It has a centralized web-based control room to control bot from anywhere anytime.
  • The control room can queue, launch, manage, orchestrate and maintain automated bot across any desktop and cloud infrastructure.
  • It has private/public critical infrastructure combined with AES encryption to secure bots and credentials.
  • It provides multiple layers of security during the execution of bot using stealth and keyboard disable feature ensure great enterprise control.
Java vs Kotlin
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At the end of this blog after talking about its feature and use cases, we can say that  Automation Anywhere is a powerful RPA tool for Automation. It can perform complex and complicated tasks. By increasing the speed of processes, it can save time and cost. Due to its cognitive ability, it is used to handle unstructured and semi-structured data. Large numbers of industries are adopting it due to its unique features. IT has a vast future scope as by using AI technologies such as fuzzy logic, NLP and Machine learning. Read Similar Insights 

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