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AWS Data Visualization

Effective Data Visualization Solutions with Amazon QuickSight


AWS Data Visualization Solutions

Amazon QuickSight based Data Visualization offerings for Enterprises to build interactive visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis and gain effective business insights. Amazon QuickSight provides Enterprises a cost-effective and Pay only for what you use pricing model for gaining insights at scale.

  • Machine Learning Insights
  • Embedded Analytics
  • Leverage Amazon SageMaker Capabilities
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Enterprise Grade Security
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AWS Data Visualization Offerings

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Machine Learning Insights

With Amazon QuickSight Machine Learning capabilities Businesses can uncover hidden insights from data and distinguish essential business drivers for improving business performance.

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Embedded Analytics

Leveraging Embedded Analytics features for Accelerating time to market, Self-service analytics solutions and empowering Faster Insights.

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Leverage Amazon SageMaker Capabilities

Build Predictive Analytics Dashboards and enable informed decisions with Amazon SageMaker capabilities.

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Business Intelligence Solutions

End-to-End Business Intelligence Solutions right from Implementing BI Strategy to building Customized Interactive Dashboards.

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Enterprise Grade Security

With Amazon QuickSight enabled security Enterprises can securely manage users and easily distribute dashboards among them.

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Why Amazon QuickSight for Enterprises?

  • Highly Scaling Capability
  • Smart Interactive Visualizations
  • High Portability
  • Data Sources Compatibility
  • Pay-per-session pricing

Build Interactive Dashboards with Amazon QuickSight

Discover how Enterprises can build interactive dashboards, enable forecasting and gain ML insights from data

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