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XenonStack is a leading IT company offering Solutions in DevOps, Big Data, Data Science Solutions to enterprises for Digital Transformation. We offer Cloud Infrastructure Solutions, Real-Time Analytics Solutions, Data Migration Solutions, Decision Science Solutions.


Hybrid and On-Premises Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

XenonStack provides Consulting, Implementation and Management Services for Cloud Computing based on OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon, Google Cloud & Microsoft Azure. Build your own Cloud Infrastructure using Docker and Kubernetes.

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Hybrid And On-Premises Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Streaming and Real-Time Analytics Solutions

XenonStack provides Streaming & Real Time Analytics Solutions using Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Apache Beam with large scale Data Processing and Data Warehousing. Deploy the Real-Time Streaming Analytics Platform On-Premises, Public Cloud or Hybrid Cloud.

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Streaming & Real Time Analytics Solution

Big Data Solutions and Deployment

XenonStack provides Big Data Infrastructure Solutions using Microservices, Kubernetes, Docker as well as Amazon and Google Cloud with Monitoring and Alerting system.

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 Big Data Solutions and Deployment

Data and Application Migration

XenonStack provides Data and Application Migration Solutions for API Implementation, Data Modeling, Migrations to Cloud, RDBMS to Hadoop. Migrate your Big Data from MySQL, Oracle to HDFS, S3 or GlusterFS. We also provide Application Backend Migration to Cloud

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Data And Application Migration

Data Products and Decision Science

XenonStack Data Science Solutions helps you develop Real-Time Data Visualization & Data Modeling using Neural Networks, Machine Learning & Deep Learning. Deploy your Data Models and Algorithms on Docker and Kubernetes either On-Premises or on Public Cloud.

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Data Products And Decision Science

Cloud and Big Data Solutions For Data Driven Enterprises

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Transforming to a Data-Driven Enterprise

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