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Enable Continuous Delivery Pipeline Across Cloud Platforms for Increased Efficiency and Reduced Cost

DevOps As A Service

DevOps is a process to improve collaboration, communication among development and operation.

Re-Architect & find New Methods for faster and Reliable Delivery.

Our DevOps Professional Services include:
  • Single Click Deployments
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
  • Proper Infrastructure Security
  • Automated Rollouts & Rollbacks
  • Automated Security Alerts
  • Supports Microservices & Serverless Computing - Docker and Kubernetes
  • Easy Code Management & Code Reviews
  • Deploy On-Premises, Public or Hybrid Cloud
DevOps Consulting & Services

Infrastructure Automation & DevOps Intelligence

Devops for Big Data

Big Data Infrastructure is much more complex than the usual web application stack. Big Data team includes Data Scientists and Big Data Engineers who are integrated into distinct product teams and Big Data Development can introduce waste and bottlenecks between different department and team members. Our DevOps For Big Data Solutions help data scientists and big data engineers develop analytical models and algorithms and store those in a version control system. That code is tested and automatically integrated into the main code branch then deployed and monitored in production. So, devops ensures that the process of Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment is unified across all departments.

Devops for Data Science

The development of a Data Science Models is Custom, Fragile and takes a lot of manual efforts. If you change the model, then whole thing needs to be rebuilt. And if the new model doesn't work well, it can be a painful struggle to restore the previous version. That's where, our DevOps Services help you. Xenonstack IT Infrastructure & DevOps Solutions helps you to Build & Deploy the model in production based on Requirements. XenonStack Machine learning & Deep Learning Solutions, Helps you to Deploy Machine learning and Deep Learning Models (Python & R Models) on Docker and Kubernetes, supports Machine Learning and Data Processing libraries such as Spark MLLib and OpenNLP.

DevOps Consulting & Assessment

DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps Consulting Services provides DevOps Assessment and Audit of your existing Infrastructure, Development Environment and Integration. Our DevOps Assessment Services and strategy will list down the points of improvement and the tools, process and data to be integrated in the DevOps Strategy and execution.

Continuous Integration in DevOps

Continuous Integration & Delivery Pipeline

XenonStack is a leading DevOps Solution Provider which provides end to end Infrastructure automation, Continuous Integration, Continuous deployment with automated Testing and Build Process. DevOps Solutions enables Continuous Delivery Pipeline on Microservices and Serverless Computing on Docker, Kubernetes, Hybrid and Public Cloud.

Monitoring and Alerting System in DevOps

DevOps Monitoring & DevOps Alerting

Our DevOps Solutions enables the visibility of Continuous Delivery Pipeline with monitoring and alerting for infrastructure, processes, applications and Hosts. Our Product, NexaTrace is a Next generation Monitoring Product with Predictive Intelligence using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Log Analytics.

 Serverless Architecture

Microservices & Serverless Computing

DevOps Services provides full stack services for Microservices and Serverless computing On Docker and Kubernetes with CoreOS. Our services supports DevOps Solutions For Java, DevOps Solution For Golang, DevOps Solution For Python, DevOps Solution for Ruby-On-Rails, DevOps Solution for Scala, DevOps Solution for Node.js.

Log Analytics Solutions

Log Analytics

DevOps For Data Science enables enterprises and startups for Log analytics with predictive intelligence using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. It also enables you for Anomaly Detection that helps you to identify cases that are unusual within data and tool for detecting network intrusion and rare events in the network.

Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Ultimate DevOps Toolkit

We are having all the leading DevOps Tools in our DevOps Toolkit to automate and measure the performance of your Delivery Pipeline

CheckOut Our Ultimate DevOps Toolkit

DevOps Integration Platform

Get NexaStack DevOps Platform Product Demo. We will get in touch with you for Free DevOps Consulting and provide you with Proof-of-Concept. DevOps Solution architects will talk to you for DevOps Consulting and Migration Solutions.

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DevOps Assessment & Proof Of Concept

DevOps Consulting Services assess your Application Technology Stack and workload as well as Audit your existing Cloud/On-Premises Infrastructure, Continuous Delivery Pipeline and develop the report and actionable DevOps Tools according to the Technology Stack. DevOps assessment Report will Outline and list the actionable points for Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Delivery Pipeline Roadmap.

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