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Digital Operations Platform | A Breif Case Study 2022

Navdeep Singh Gill | 26 Jul 2022

Digital Operations Platform

Introduction to Digital Operations Platform

For the past couple of years, digital operations have been increasing tremendously. Even small organizations have multiple applications and operations, but most organizations lag in centralized management of these operations. Over time, the issue of data silos has been increasing in organizations as they are working with multiple applications simultaneously. Ultimately we need something which brings back-office operations and unifies them into a single view.

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So to resolve this problem, digital operations platforms (DOP) came into the picture. It gives you an overall view of all the applications and databases running in your organization so that you have the big picture about customer relations, stocks, business plans, and many more.

What is Digital Operations Platform (DOP)?

A digital operations Platform (DOP) is a core software or application that gives you central governance and information about all the applications running your system. It gives you stats about your stock levels to customer relations so that you can do your business accordingly. It also allows you to measure and implement new pricing models' success and improve productivity by automation. In short, it enables businesses to track, measure, and visualize data at each production stage while making processes more productive and efficient. Operation platforms are removing the manual work of gathering data and giving us the central data analyzing tools. By centralized tool means, many applications running simultaneously are synchronized altogether, and you get the idea of an end-to-end flow of all the applications in one place.

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Why is Digital Operations Platform important?

DOPs have already become crucial for every organization working on digital operations. Let's discuss, Why you need this or why it is crucial for your business:

Centralized Platform

DOP provides the central platform for all the teams. In this way, teams will work individually, and their work will be all centralized, which increases productivity and gives the idea of where the business is heading and what changes we need to improve our business. A DOP solves these questions.

Decisions Based on Data

With a central platform, business decisions can be improved as we have the central data and statistics for our business data and applications. DOP helps make good data-driven decisions by providing central data based on trends, predicting the upcoming business steps, and removing the guesswork in business decisions.

A Classic Customer Experience

Every growing business focuses on customers' experiences and needs in this era. Organizations work on the requirements customers ask with the help of sales and market trends. DOP provides your customers a smooth flow throughout the process, which ultimately helps your business to grow.

Remove Data Silos

Data silos have always been a problem for all businesses. It decreases the overall productivity in switching between interfaces to get data and send it to a place manually. This problem was solved by DOP very efficiently. It gives the central platform and resolves the issue of data silos. Teams will work individually, but somehow, with DOP, their work will be centralized.

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What are the benefits of Digital Operations Platform?

The benefits of a Digital Operations Platform are listed below:

Better Customer Experience

It helps you improve customer experience as each component has a connection and gives customers a smooth experience. Here we are talking about central sales stats and also finding the targeting customers.


DOPs increase productivity by providing automation in business processes. It removes the manual work of sending data from one app to another. As we have all data in one place and the whole system is automated, productivity ultimately increases.

Data-driven Decisions

You are having all the data in one place helps us make better business decisions based on data and not on guesswork. If decisions are based on the data trends in your system, then it is for sure that you get the most accurate results based on your analysis.

Central Tracking

DOP provides the central Tracking and monitoring system for all our applications working in the system. Central tracking helps us find where the problem arose in our system.

Predict Business Trends

All the stats based on customer experience, sales, and targeted customers help us find the future trends in our business based on current data.

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What are the use cases of a Digital Operations Platform?

The use cases of a Digital Operations Platform are listed below:

Production tracking

It is a strategy used to analyze, measure, and improve visibility in the manufacturing process. Starting from the getting raw material to the order manufacturing and finally delivery, DOP gives us the governance from start to the very end. We can measure production stats and analyze the business KPIs at any time.

IoT and edge connectivity

As IOT and hence Edge connectivity are becoming trends nowadays, it becomes essential to manage all the sensor's data at a place on edge and give stats on the devices and data coming from them. Finally, from this data, how we integrate the historical and predict future scope is also solved by the DOP. So basically, DOP can be used to centrally analyze the output of all sensors along with the old data at the back office to generate fruitful analysis.

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Digital Operations Platform (DOP) has become the need of the hour when we talk about central governance and business growth. It is the tool that resolves the issues of data silos and brings automation to applications communication, ultimately increasing productivity. It also helps in finding the business trends and predicting future trends in our business. So overall, having DOP included in your business is crucial for productivity and growth.