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Human Pose Estimation for Sport Analytics

Dr. Jagreet Kaur Gill | 22 June 2022

Human Pose Estimation for Sport Analytics | Use Case

The major Challenge of Sport Analytics

To construct an algorithm for students that updates its movements as human moves. To map out every single pixel of a human body in a video, not for a single but multiple humans at once, and recommend specific moves to improve the player statics, making a decision.

Solutions for Sport Analytics

Human pose estimation is the computer vision based technology that detects and analyzes human posture. Our model will detect the shots played by the player. And our model will detect the human pose estimation for the player playing the sport like badminton. Accordingly, our model will recommend moves based on the rules defined.

Predictive Analytical Process - Recommend Moves

AI-Based Shot Detection the camera will detect the player playing in the court with their shots like Net drop, Smash, Defend, Backend, forehand of the players. According to the model-specific coordinates, if the player misplayed the shot during the match, the model will recommend the moves for the particular shots played by the player.

Recommend Moves Dashboard

In this sample dashboard, an organization gives you the list of weak body parts for the particular player. After analyzing the video through the model, the player gets the recommendation of the posture and the % of the recommendation for particular body parts for the particular players. The model helps to detect complete incorrect posture.

End Customer Value

Here, every detection will cover shot detection and recommend moves to the player. The customer will get the different poses for different shots with coordinations for each poses detected by the camera. The model will recommend the player's best coordinates for that shots.

Why XenonStack ?

With the help of XenonStack Support gives the demo on the recommended moves of the player while applying the model on the player video and gives them the recommended moves according to accurate pose coordinates, which are standard defined in the model, and the organization will get the insights related to the model. Click here for the Demo of Moves Dashboard As for reference, our team created the dashboards from there, and the result are generated from our machine learning model. Our model will provide you with an accurate solution for computer vision.