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Securing Docker Container based Applications 

Docker adoption has been increasing rapidly with application modernization and Cloud Native. But security issues in the container have been a major concern and an obstacle to container deployment at scale using Kubernetes .Docker Security Solutions to help enterprises detect and visualize threats in real-time for any workload in a docker container. Some of the major benefits are –

  • XenonStack Manage Compliance and Risk Image

    Manage compliance and risk

  • XenonStack Detect Docker Threats Image

    Detect Docker threats

  • XenonStack Run Docker Benchmarks Image

    Run Docker benchmarks

  • XenonStack Provide Image Assurance Image

    Provide image assurance

  • XenonStack Automated Governance Image

    Automated Governance

  • XenonStack CI-CD Security Image

    CI/CD Security

Securing Container Images

Identify and monitor Image vulnerabilities and build scoring based on severity

XenonStack Image Provenance Image

Image Provenance

XenonStack Container Security Mechanisms Image

Container Security Mechanisms

XenonStack Increase reliability Image

Increase Reliability

Runtime Threat Detection

Enabling Vulnerability scanning and container hardening for Enterprises at Scale

XenonStack Container Registries Security and Governance Solutions Image

Container Registries Security and Governance Solutions

XenonStack Multi Stage Builds Image

Multi Stage Builds

XenonStack Automated Vulnerability Management Image

Automated Vulnerability management

Build Robust Container Security Mechanisms

End-to-End Managed Solutions for Building security into the container pipeline, Real-Time Security Scanning and Auditing

XenonStack Empowering Immutable Infrastructure Image

Empowering Immutable infrastructure

XenonStack Robust Access Control Image

Robust Access Control

XenonStack Streamlining Security Workflows Image

Streamlining Security Workflows

What are the Best Practices for Securing Docker Containers?

Docker Security Best Practices

Explore more about Kubernetes Solutions, building critical software using best practices and proven tools.

XenonStack Build and Develop Industry Leading Image

Build and Develop Industry leading Digital Transformation Solutions

XenonStack has been partnering with leading Technology and Platform Services providers to develop next generation Scalable Solutions. We are Enabling End-to-End Enterprise transformation with next-generation technology capabilities and strategy.

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