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Kubernetes Security Service Provider

Securing Kubernetes Deployment Anywhere.


Kubernetes Security Services

Kubernetes is a container orchestrators that have become available in recent years. Also, Kubernetes has emerged as a leading orchestration solution due to its open source behaviour, its compatibility with a range of different container runtimes. It is being used by many enterprises to smoothen their IT Operations. However, providing a security has been an essential part.

  • RBAC Authorization & Authentication
  • Control image deployment at Kubernetes scale
  • Least-privilege access control
  • Container runtime
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Xenonstack Kubernetes Security Offerings

Providing security to kubernetes for better execution

  • Dynamic Admission Controller
  • Automatic Runtime Protection
  • 24*7 Network Controls
  • Real-Time Audit Events

Case Studies

Cloud Native Applications on Kubernetes Use case

Explore our use case how we build and deploy cloud native applications on kubernetes. What challenges to face and how we overcome those challenges.

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