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Top 10 UX UI Designs and Latest Trends - XenonStack

Navdeep Singh Gill | 08 November 2021

Top 10 UX UI Designs and Latest Trends - XenonStack

Introduction to UI/UX design

With over a billion websites in the world, the competition is obvious, right? The competition for user attention has reached a record-breaking high. Every individual pixel decides whether you attract your visitors or not. Survey shows that design is the most important of web and mobile users’ positive first impressions. And the only way you can surpass your competitors is by doing better than them in your UI/UX design.

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What is a User Interface?

The User Interface lies at the junction of human interaction and computer interaction and communication, dealing with how the various screen and touchscreen elements and layouts look.

What is User Experience?

User Experience includes all aspects of the end-users interaction with a website, mobile app, etc. Great UX aims to solve the end-users problems most efficiently. In brief, UX makes your web and mobile interfaces useful and instinctive, and UI makes them impressive.

Top 10 UI UX Designs and Trends for Future

As we’ve covered most of the main contrast between UX and UI, let's explore the new UX and UI design world trends this year.

Animated Illustrations

Illustration has always been in digital products for a long time. Its evolution since the last year is very impressive. The illustration is very attractive and adds a natural feel and human touch to the overall experience of our products. Illustrations are very influential attention grabbers. At the top of that, by implementing motion to this illustration, we can bring our products to life and make them stand out with extra features and personality.

Breath-taking Microinteractions

Microinteractions are tiny moments where the user and design interact. By implementing motion to buttons, icons, tabs, and other elements, we can cover our website or app and trigger user response faster, without a large expense. It gives a tremendous boost to user experience, as they improve interactions, keep users involved. Common examples of micro-interactions that can power your interfaces include progress bar animations, interactive toggle switches, data input interactions, etc.

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3D / Immersive Experience

It is one of the most impressive design trends of 2021. 3-Dimension user interfaces are UI in which 3D interaction happens, which means that a user's tasks occur directly in a three-dimensional space. The 3D design has shadows, lighting, depth, and textures, making users experience the real world. Whether it is the illustrations or the typography, 3D designs certainly add an extra dimension to the overall appearance.

Glassmorphism UI Design

Glassmorphism is a transparent, glassy look design pattern where users can see-through layers. These layers can help to include hierarchy in the structure. This style works best when many transparent layers appear over a multicolored background.
Glassmorphism is one of the latest trends in UI design which is rapidly gaining popularity.

Mixed Typeface Font

Typography is the way of arranging letters to make the written language clear and readable when presented. Even for the simplest layout, using two different designs will do a more pleasant work of building hierarchy and generating visual interest. When we say mixed, it goes beyond the unions of serif and sans serif to mix typeface within a sentence, giving more focus and emphasis. Select virtually any sans serif, combine it with just any serif, and you’ve raised the job above absolute traditionalism.

Emoji Designs

Emojis are smileys or emoticons that are used while communicating feelings in electronic messages and web pages. Emoji helps us say more with less in our UI design and increases the user experience. More and more designers integrate the emotional component into user interfaces that make the user experience more enjoyable and charming.

Comics and Pop Art Graphic Design

It is a technique in which common objects are used as subject matter and usually physically included. In the future, we’ll be seeing a lot of designs that use colors in unexpected, even surreal ways, to create amazing images. These designs make a declaration by coloring objects in colors they usually aren’t. The main goal here is to be playful and design idealist views where people can find a few moments of solace away from our challenging reality.

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Dark Mode Extensionxenonstack-dark-mode-extension

Dark Mode is an extension that helps us quickly change the screen to dark at night time. The dark mode is going to be a UI/UX design trend for coming years. The look is rich, modern, and stylish.

The dark mode has the following positive points.

  • It stays clear even in dark environments.
  • It decreases screen fatigue.
  • Dark mode protects our device battery
  • Defective pixels can be hidden with efficiency.

No matter which of these dark mode advantages attracts you, this UI trend has ruled 2020 and will unquestionably rule in 2021.

ID Authentication

Authentication is the act of determining an assertion, such as the identity of a user. While facial and fingerprint sensors unlock features aren’t exactly new trends in design patterns, they’re sure to go till eternity.

Security is the first and main concern nowadays, and data frauds are on the rise. Developers are focusing on facial identity authentication, and in the future, we will see more biometric security and data encryption tools making their way into UX/UI.
ID authentication helps build trust.

Soft Gradient Colorsxenonstack-soft-gradients

A gradient is the smooth transition from one color to another. It allows the designer almost to create a new color. In the era of minimalism, it's a design violation to attach flashy and bright gradients. Designers have already transitioned into adopting smart gradients in their design. The trend for low-key gradients evolved from the web along with flat design.

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All designers need to be aware of these latest design trends. Regularly learning, improving, and expanding the design toolkit are the only ways to build a character in the design community. As a web developer, you need to be up to date with the latest trends. As it doesn’t take much time to change trends. Practice regularly and explore more to be an updated designer. In 2022 the UI trends will prioritize speed, simple page designs, mobile-first approach, and most importantly, spiced up with artificial intelligence.