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Comprehending The Best Continuous Delivery Platform

Navdeep Singh Gill | 28 October 2021

Continuous Delivery Platform and Its features | Nexastack

What is a Continuous Delivery Platform?

NexaStack is a Continuous Delivery Platform to Automate, Monitor, Analyse your Cloud-Native Application Delivery. NexaStack Continuous Delivery Platform Accelerates your Data Driven Application Delivery with proper visibility and security. NexaStack got initiated as an internal project of XenonStack in the year 2014, developed as a Continuous Delivery Platform to serve the internal requirements of our team.

Why do we need Continuous Delivery and DevOps?

DevOps is a process and balanced organization approach for improving the collaboration, communication among development and operation. It is the process of redesigning and finding new ways for faster and Reliable Delivery.
A Cloud Deployment Tool developed by Netflix and recently it is Open Sourced. Click to explore about, Spinnaker - Multi-Cloud Continuous Delivery Platform

Why to choose Continuous Delivery Platform - NexaStack?

The technical reasons for choosing NexaStack for continuous delivery are highlighted below:

NexaStack for Developers

  • Self-Provision Resources

    NexaStack empowers Developers to provision Infrastructure on their own and to build an environment to start development rapidly. It helps in breaking the wall of confusion between Developers and System Admins.
  • Continuous Delivery

    Leaner and flexible by providing fast release cycles with the help of Continuous Delivery. Deploy from SCM to Production within minutes with the fully automated build pipeline.

NexaStack for Operations

  • Multi-Cloud Support

    Integration with multiple cloud platforms at one place by providing an abstraction layer between Multi-Cloud platform APIs.
  • Runbook Automation

    NexaStack's Auto-Config Management Engine helps reducing operations complexity by providing a single location for all runbook execution with support to leading Configuration Management Software.
  • Define Topologies

    For sophisticated software running on multiple technologies, NexaStack helps in defining topologies for applications running on MultiTier as well as Microservices.
Continuous Testing involves Testing at every stage of the software development life cycle. Click to explore about, Understanding Role of Continuous Testing in Continuous Delivery

Features of Continuous Delivery Platform NexaStack

1. Adaptive And Secure (DevOps Delivery Pipeline) - NexaStack DevOps Infrastructure is agile and flexible to support different workflows and modern data centers with technologies from various decades.

2. MicroServices (Serverless Computing) - Provision, Configure and Manage Infrastructure to enable collaboration and automation for more faster and reliable software delivery.

3. Integrations: NexaStack Plug N Play Integrations support

  • Cloud Integration - Use NexaStack for 'On-Premises' Infrastructure with the help of Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with Leading Public Cloud Providers like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack and much more.
  • Database Integration - Supported Runbooks to provision Databases in your technology Stack like Cassandra, MongoDB, SQL Server, Elastic Search, MySQL, Oracle and much more.
  • Languages and Frameworks - Multiple languages and Industry's Leading Framework Support like Golang, Python, C++, JavaScript, Dot Net, JAVA, C and much more.
NexaStack is a DevOps Platform to Automate | Monitor | Analyse your Application Delivery. NexaStack DevOps Platform Accelerates your Data Driven Application Delivery with proper visibility and security. Integrations-Support-With-NexaStack-DevOps-Platform

Continuous Delivery Platform NexaStack Technology Solutions

NexaStack DevOps Solution
  • NexaStack Essentials (For Startups) - In NexaStack Essentials, we take care of all basic needs of a Startup for hassle free IT and Application Lifecycle Operations.
  • NexaStack Productivity (For DevOps Team) - NexaStack Productivity is best suited for workloads which are planning or already on production and looking forward to adopting DevOps Approach.
  • NexaStack Enterprise (Enterprise Stack) - Create a single file for your project to describe the type of machine you want, the software that needs to be installed and the way you want to access the machine.

How Can XenonStack help you?

By incorporating DevOps Culture into your organization, you can deploy your code 30 times more frequently than your competitor with less than 50% of deployment fails. By adopting DevOps culture, you can collaborate your team which is composed of cross-functional team members including developers, QA, DBAs, Business Analysts, Operation Engineers, and so forth which deliver many benefits such as continuous software delivery, less complex problems to fix, faster resolution of issues and a more stable operating environment. You are advised to look into the below steps: