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Artificial Intelligence in Telecommunications

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Telecom.

AI Solutions

AI Service Offerings for Telecom Industry

XenonStack offers Industry Leading AI Solutions Empowering Telecom Industry with Cutting edge Artificial Intelligence offerings

  • Artificial Intelligent Bots
  • Ambient Intelligent Devices
  • Smart Objects & Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Automated Support & Intelligent Storage
  • Insight Engines, Virtual Assistance & Data processing
  • Writing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Development
  • Mailroom Outsourcing, Document Management, Forms Management & Invoice automation
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Artificial Intelligence for Telecom Service Offerings

Artificial Intelligence in Telecom Operations.

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Optimal Network Quality

It involves Network Planning and Design, Network Tuning, Network Audit and BenchMarking, improves customer loyalty, End-user performance optimisation, Network Planning, and investment.

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Predictive Maintenance

It involves AI-driven Predictive Analytics, Telco Data Analytics, Interactive Voice Response Systems, Data Center Management, Predictive Equipment Analytics.

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Network Self-Optimisation

It involves 5G networks, Cloud migrations, increased number of OTT, Automatic Network Planning, Configuring and Controlling. Low Latency, End-to-End Intelligence and Complex Network Deployments.

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Analytics Based Solutions for Telecommunications

  • Virtual Assistance, Customer Experience & Speech and Voice search for customers
  • Security attack prediction
  • Robotics and future of the factories
  • Cost Reduction, Fast Results, Flexibility & Scalability, Accuracy & Quality
  • New revenue stream creation potential, Data Security and Privacy
  • Anomaly detection, Traffic classification & Fraud Detection
  • Cognitive Automation &Trouble Shooting

Artificial Intelligence Applications for Telecommunications Industry

Solutions for Improving Customer Satisfaction and Network Performance