Digital Coupons and Incentives Blockchain Technology

Enabling BlockChain for Digital Coupons

We implement a comprehensive Digital Coupon platform for the retailer to create, to distribute, to redeem coupons. It is the easiest way ever, the merchant can perform unlimited marketing campaigns with the coupon, self helps all the way, no technical help is needed. Let’s highlight the various benefits of the Digital Coupon Platform using BlockChain Technology.

  • Digital Coupons/Incentives are secure, scalable distributed ledger involve Blockchain technology and integrate with Apple and Android Pay.
  • BlockChain stores digital coupons in a cryptographically secure and highly controllable manner. Mobile wallets give consumers an easy to use, convenient method to save and present offers.
  • It helps merchants to easily create and manage coupons on the platform without any cost.
  • Such coupons are really very helpful to perform any particular marketing campaign need to perform for promotion. They are easily manageable and can be created in a span of short duration as per requirement.


Challenge for Building Centralized Coupon Platform

  • Design a central Industry Registry for digital coupons having precise control over distribution & redemption.
  • Redemptions are settled in Real-Time on the Blockchain, eliminating the need for clearing houses.
  • Provide security & trust required for Issuers to distribute high-value offers. Target a specific audience for personalized offers using Real-Time Analytics.


Service Offerings for BlockChain

To overcome all the challenges, deliver a solution for all stakeholders in the ecosystem from Consumers that use offers. The Brand issue offers, to Retailers that redeem offers.

Consumer benefits

Implement a mechanism for customers to find high value offers from different brands.

Retailer Benefits

A retailer can increase traffic by shifting from paper to digital coupons. BlockChain implementation helps retailers to improve Inventory Management.

Brand Benefits

Brand owners can target a personalized and specific audience with Real-Time Analytics; Blockchain provides a Flexible business solution to enhance promotion.

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