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Devops Build and Release Pipeline for Laravel PHP Applications

Gursimran Singh | 03 May 2023

DevOps Build and Release Pipeline for Laravel

  • Laravel is an open source PHP framework to develop applications with MVC (Model, View, Controller) Approach.
  • Continuous Delivery of Laravel involves creating a build and running automated tests.
  • Microsoft Azure is Cloud Computing Platform considered as PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

Challenge for Building Continuous Integration and Deployment Platform

  • Build a highly available, scalable production environment to deploy Laravel application.
  • Build Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment to perform automatic deployments for production, release and development environment.
  • Website configuration and administration - specifically, Apache and generic, GIT, MySQL, PHP.

Service Offerings Cloud Platform

Use the Cloud environment, Database, and Jenkins.

  • Microsoft Azure - In Microsoft Azure, use computing services for instance (Ubuntu 16.04), VPC and Security Groups.
  • Database - For the database service use MySQL.
  • Jenkins - Jenkins, a continuous build tool, enables teams to focus on work by automating the build, Artifact Management, and deployment processes.

Building Continuous Integration and Deployment Pipeline

Microsoft Azure features service to CI/CD Pipeline for DevOps Teams through DevOps Pipeline.

DevOps Approach With Microsoft Azure involves -

  • DevOps Pipeline Creation
  • Supports a variety of Frameworks
  • Analytics, Application and Event occurrence Insights
  • Customization of Pipeline
  • Priority of Code Quality
  • Test and Build Simultaneously
  • Monitor, Deploy and Manage

DevOps Leveraging Microsoft through -

  • Faster Recovery at time of Failure
  • Automation
  • Reliability
  • Agility
  • Easy Installation and Configuration
  • Instant Analysis
  • Enhances Security
  • Continuous Delivery, Integration, and Deployment
  • Multiple Deployment Platforms
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