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Artificial Intelligence in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Dr. Jagreet Kaur Gill | 09 December 2022

Artificial Intelligence in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Why AI in Logistics and Transportation Required?

In the transportation and logistics sector, the customer’s primary requirements are to get the information about vehicle petrol and maintenance and condition of the vehicle services across different life span and condition on real-time support for clients’ journey proactively anticipating clients’ needs automation in processing. Further, the customer wants to get detailed insight into the industry with the most vehicle used and insurance status in a different category. Where machine learning models help users to predict things and get the best result. For their investment in transportation and logistics.
60% use real-time analytics to improve experiences across touchpoints and devices are extremely important today. Source: How To Improve Experiences With Real-Time Analytics

AI Solution for Transportation Sector

  • With Xenonstack support, one can build accurate and predictive Machine Learning Models on real-time data. For better understanding the customer need for getting the status of the vehicle and their maintenance cost in the logistics and transportation sector.
  • Here the model will give accurate information about the vehicle’s life span and condition.
  • As a result, we have given a demo of the dashboards for reference. To predict the maintenance and petrol cost. Here, the user will be confident after understanding the model and get information about the transportation industry by applying the prediction model. The data source will get from the transportation companies for getting the results.

Why XenonStack?

Click on a button and request us to give you a demo of our machine learning model. Here you will get insights related to vehicle services, performance, and total vehicle. Our model will provide you with an accurate prediction of how things are working and helps the user. To get the best results that how the transport industry works and with their contributors and customers form different insurance with narrative addition.


AI Analytics in Logistics Industry AI Dashboard for Transportation and Logistic

Dashboard Description

Described below are the benefits of the AI dashboard in the logistics and transportation Industry.
  • Here our dashboard shows the vehicle’s status around 329 about their maintenance 167.07k. The cost of their petrol used for the vehicle, and here users will also get the result order rate by each vehicle.
  • Here users will see more orders are going from box trucks around 60.3%, and the insurance amount is charged more in April month. Here, users will also get information about the operating cost monthly.
  • The vehicle’s condition that a maximum number of the vehicle are in good condition. Besides, we will also get the information about the prediction of maintenance and petrol of vehicle monthly.