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Data Science As A Service

Unlock the Real Value of your Data with our Data Science Services and Solutions. Take Advantage of Business Analytics Solutions and Data Science Consulting For Fraud Detection and Anomaly Detection. Accelerate your Enterprise Growth with XenonStack Machine Learning Solutions, Deep Learning Solutions & Data Visualization Solutions.

Data Science As A Service & Consulting
  • Work Bench For Deep Learning & Machine Learning.
  • Machine Learning Modeling and Algorithm Design
  • Data Science Solution Architecture and Design
  • Knowledge Discovery - Understand Data & Gather maximum Information with Data Mining.
  • Text, Natural Language Processing, Predictive and Statistical Modeling & Analytics.
  • Artificial Neural Networks & Dynamic Bayesian Networks.
  • Cognitive & Prescriptive Intelligence and Analytics.
  • Predictive Intelligence using Artificial Intelligence.
  • From Data to Wisdom - Real Time Data Visualization & Interactive Dashboards.
  • Data Science Proof of Concepts, Use Cases, and Prototypes for Preventive Maintenance, Monitoring, Retail Analytics and Insurance, IoT and HealthCare Analytics.
Deep Learning & Machine Learning Services

WorkBench For Deep Learning Services & Machine Learning Services

XenonStack Data Science Solutions provides a Platform for Data scientists and researchers to Build, Deploy Machine learning and Deep Learning algorithms at scale with automated On-premises and Hybrid Cloud Solutions.

Knowledge Discovery in Data Mining

Knowledge Discovery

XenonStack Knowledge Discovery Services make you understand data and gather maximum information out of it with Pattern Detection using Data Mining, Data Mapping and Clustering. Data Mining experts at XenonStack are amiable with people from diversified domain.

Cognitive Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence

Cognitive Intelligence and Business Analytics Solutions

XenonStack Data Science As A Service provides Cognitive & Prescriptive Intelligence to Automate Analytical Model Building using Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence for image Classification, Speech Recognition, Fraud Detection, Anomaly Detection, Risk Prediction, Energy Optimization and Natural Language Recognition.

Predictive Modeling and Artificial Intelligence

Text, Predictive and Statistical Modeling & Analytics

XenonStack Data Science Services provides text analytics solutions to extract data from text sources for sentiment analysis, text clustering and categorization using Natural Language Processing algorithms. Predict the Future, anticipate the change, nurture agility that boost your bottom line. Build Predictive and statistical Models for Data Products.

Real Time Data Visualization

Real Time Data Visualization Solutions & Interactive Dashboard

XenonStack Data Visualization Services and Infographics Services provide you interactive products to visually communicate your data. Bring your data to life with our Real-Time Data Visualization dashboards. Keep your cards close to your chest with interactive interfaces backed by Data Analytics.

Data Science As A Service on Leading Cloud Service Providers

AWS Cloud Computing Services

Join our a million companies already running on AWS.

Solutions for
Google Cloud Computing Services

Building, test and deploy using Google's own infrastructure.

Solutions for
Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Services

Accelerating enterprise cloud adoption on Microsoft Azure.

Solutions for
OpenStack Cloud Computing Services

Supporting OpenStack and other private clouds.

Solution for Container & Private Cloud

Customize Proof Of Concept & Use Cases For Data Science Solutions

Get in Touch with us for Proof of Concept, Data Science Consulting & Building Data & Artificial Intelligence Products. Talk to our Data Scientist for Data Science Assessment and Data Science Consulting for your Industry/Solution/Products.

Use Cases

Decision Science & Cognitive Intelligence

Get in Touch with us for Data Acquisition, Data Transformation, enabling Decision Science framework through interactive Data Visualization. Talk to our Decision Scientist for Data Science Assessment, Data Science Consulting for your Industry/Solution/Products.

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Machine Learning As A Service

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