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ScyllaDB Managed Services

ScyllaDB Managed Solutions and Implementation Services

Scylla is the world's fastest column-store database. ScyllaDB magnitude improvement in performance. ScyllaDB uses a straightforward data model Instead of designing a complex data model to achieve adequate performance which eliminates complexity and finishes your NoSQL project.


Execution Engine

Improves performance for CPU-bound workloads by batching them to run more instructions per CPU cycle.


Heat-Weighted Load Balancing

ScyllaDB selects and optimizes the node based on the heat of the node. Read requests are sent to nodes with good cache-hit-ratio to achieve consistent low latency and predictable performance.


Minimal Configuration

With Fully automated setup, enterprises can easily scale to multiple nodes with manual efforts.

Database Management Solutions

Leverage IT optimization techniques to deliver best-in-class database management services to manage increasingly complex and growing data portfolios for optimal performance.


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    Managed Security

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      Basic Monitoring

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      24 x 7 Support




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    All Standard features

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      Managed Backup Full and Daily Snapshots

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      Managed Operating System Patches and Updates, Hardening, Configuration and Tuning




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    All Standard and Pro features

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      Application Monitoring and Response CPU, RAM, Disk IO, URL, and Application metrics

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      Advanced Enterprise Analytics and Dashboard

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Managed Database Solutions for Enterprise


Cloud Managed Database Solutions

Database Management services ensure enterprises are secure, operational costs are maintained and high availability of applications.


database management system (RDBMS) Solutions for Enterprise is based on Structured Query Language (SQL).

An open source relational database management system with an emphasis on extensibility and SQL compliance.

Graph database management system developed by Neo technology and called an ACID-compliant transactional database with native graph storage and processing.

An open-source database management system that uses a document-oriented data model and a non-structured query language.

Managed NoSQL Database Solutions

Database management systems for robust performance and scalability.


Google Cloud Firestore

fully managed, serverless, cloud-native NoSQL document database that simplifies storing, syncing, and querying data for your mobile, web, and IoT apps at global scale.


Amazon DynamoDB

Key-value and document database that delivers single-digit millisecond performance at any scale.


Azure Cosmos DB

Reduce time to insight by running near-real time analytics and AI on the operational data within your Azure NoSQL database.

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SQL vs NoSQL vs NewSQL: The Full Comparison


SQL vs NoSQL vs NewSQL: The Full Comparison


Types of Databases with Benefits and Use Cases

Types of Databases with Benefits and Use Cases

A Guide to Database Managed Service


A Guide to Database Managed Service


Database Management


Data Denormalization


NoSQL or Not-only-SQL are the databases that help developers store/manage unstructured data and perform complex analytical operation.

Database Management

Organize the database files and provides end users more access and control over their data.

Database as a service is a cloud computing managed service offering model that enables users to set up, operate, manage and scale with some form of access to a Database.

Data Denormalization

Denormalization helps to reduce some types of problems with the database queries that combine data from different tables into a single table.