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BizDevOps – The Evolution from Agile and DevOps

Navdeep Singh Gill | 02 November 2020


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What is BizDevOps?

BizDevOps is a software development approach that promotes everybody to work together to increase revenue. The ability to take an idea that was conceived by the business. It produces value from that software idea. BizDevops next deploys it to clients to make them understand the significance of the conceived idea. When the developer team and operation team work together with business people throughout the project development cycle, then the term is given as BizDevOps.With BizDevOps enterprises can -
  • Align development steps
  • Better Governance
  • Detailed Monitoring
  • Improve efficiency
BizDevOps is now improving the way businesses deploy new software. Deployments are released in the almost perfect way with the Company’s broad business aims as well as compliance necessities and security. The quickness of the data is also enabling changes in applications to be done immediately, and delivery to the customer is more frequently. In a few cases, this method will increase automation, mainly in testing and quality assurance. The need for quick delivery is also expected to automate some domains of routine code development as well, giving developers time to explore innovative ways to promote business goals in a more agile fashion. The pace and flexibility that BizDevOps provides and even supports, i.e., the ability to distinguish mistakes fast and fix them right away. Need for BizDevOps in Enterprise Applications? The DevOps term is well known in the context of agile software development lifecycles. Businesses are connecting containerization, and continuous integration platforms to create continuous delivery pipelines that give new functionality quicker with better quality and less risk. The methodologies and tools associated with the development and deployment of individual applications are well documented. But what if you are a large company running hundreds of applications? What if you hold lots of cloud-based applications, where you cannot control when and how these applications change? If you're a big company with a broad application landscape, there are several different aspects that you have to look upon in software development. You may have rigid compliance requirements and low-risk tolerance. You may have rigid compliance requirements and low-risk tolerance. You have to know how to manage the stakeholders, end-users, business analysts, project managers, and more. You will ensure that you know your crucial enterprise processes and have a belief that they will still work when changes occur in the applications? Scope and focus for the development of a single application differ from enterprise-level applications landscape in DevOps. For the small scale application, the goal is to check whether the application works as expected. For the Enterprise level application, the focus is to ensure that the business processes work correctly across multiple applications. The effort shifted from development to business for the end-to-end process. And DevOps cannot effectively manage the end-to-end business processes, and then there comes to the new approach called BizDevOps.

BizDevOps (Business, Development and Operations) - Architecture

Businesses (Innovate and Benefit) • Creating Value • Business Planning • Business Design • Feedback Development (Creates and Deliver) • Backlog Management • Design • Code • Test • Deliver Operations (Provide and Optimize) • Deploy • Operate • Monitor • Optimize

Benefits of enabling BizDevOps

Business Goals and Development Team are Aligned:- Businesses usually find difficulties connecting the dots between business KPIs and DevOps metrics to improve. Moreover, there is a condition that occurs when the business team and DevOps team are working for a completely different goal. But with BizDevOps, the business and development goals are aligned, so every deployment is in service of the higher organization purpose. It allows us to choose the best solution for our problem. These benefit not only the developers and stakeholders but the end-users also, which enhances the monitoring and technical complexity supervision. BizDevOps Reduces Rework and Increases Productivity:- A primary aim of DevOps teams is to decrease the volume of code they have to rewrite. But when requirements of the customer for a project are uncertain, or they change at the last moment, your team's efficiency goes out the window. Constant input from business heads can drastically diminish the amount of rework for a DevOps team. Everyone feels like ownership over a project:- When you look at first glance that BizDevOps helps the businesses only, but it allows developers also. With decreasing rework, it provides developers with a seat at the decision-making table with other stakeholders. When everyone is working as an integrated part of the business, developers also have the opportunity to take part in the strategic planning of a product, not just the execution of it. And, when they feel like ownership over the project, this will give tremendous job satisfaction when the project is completed and executed successfully. It also gives developers another way of higher movement into business leadership.

How to implement BizDevOps for Enterprises?

Build your BizDevOps Team:-

The idea of BizDevOps is to integrate business managers, development teams, and operations in a single unit that works together throughout the development process, constant process. Begin by putting all of these groups in a single organization. Eventually, it can be even more efficient to create by business process, business aid, or business component in more significant enterprises, although it may be relevant to have it based on a product for a software development company that produces outcomes. Also, that included members from marketing, operations, business intelligence, and IT.

Take Small Start:-

When initiating a new approach (BizDevOps), don't try to change your whole development workflow at once. Start with a single business process or product. After the first attempt, you will learn lots of things about the Company's unique needs at BizDevOps. Scale-out gradually as you discover more and develop your process.

Start BizDevOps process:-

After combining all groups (business, development, and operation) into a single team, then start the process by defining the business problem where all together represents how available is the newly proposed product in terms of the technical and economic aspect, then start developing the code for it. As the code is built, the environment for testing the code is up. When code is successful from the testing phase without failing the test cases, it provided to the operational environment and after the successful deployment of the product monitoring and control over the product are started.

Tools for BizDevOps

BizDevOps is only possible because of the technology that gives real-time software analytics to enterprises. There are different Application Performance Management tools that provide business and DevOps personnel with immediate insight on metrics like application speed, load time, response time, error tracking, and other custom metrics. Some tools are:- • Traceview • Foglight • Microsoft • Retrace Another essential tool is the low-code development platform. As business people integrated into the development lifecycle, they need the ability to make changes. Low-code platforms help a company build custom applications for a fraction of the time and money. Some Low code development platforms are:-

A Comprehensive Approach

BizDevOps is not another approach that will be gone in a year; it is a development methodology of the future. And the way nowadays enterprises are evolving, that time is not much far when "every company will be a software company", and the whole business is going to be organized and prepared with the agile process development and creative practices in mind. When speed and fast delivery are the priority in software development, it leads to bad quality and disruption. BizDevOps is a roadmap to getting your business on the correct path and staying forward.

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