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Data Visualization Designs and its Types of Dashboard

Navdeep Singh Gill | 01 September 2022

Data Visualization Dashboard Designs and its Types

Introduction to Data Visualization Dashboard

Data Visualization Dashboards designs and techniques are used to display visual objects like charts and graphs. It is used to communicate the message and understand patterns easily and frequently. It also helps to understand the relationship between the data better. Nowadays, it is beneficial not only by data analysts but all by journalism to convey messages within the data. It is essential to display data because if we show it in excel sheets containing 50000 lines, it is difficult to read if the same thing we represent using charts helps make decisions faster and reach the goal.
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What are the key principles?

The 8 Key Principles of Effective Data Visualization are below listed:

  • Balance the Design
  • Proper Rhythm
  • Illustrating Movement
  • Smart Use of Patterns
  • Emphasise the Key Areas
  • Proportion
  • Theme
  • Variety

How to design a Dashboard?

"Dashboards act as a campfire around which we assemble to tell stories." Data Visualization designs and dashboards are a science and art that is not easy to establish as they appear. There are three ways of defining its dashboard containing:
  1. The rich understanding of user experience principles behind good dashboard design.
  2. The utilization of Graphical Excellence.
  3. And obviously, the practice of it.

Some Important Points that Need to Take Care of it

  1. UX dashboard design follows some clear-cut principles and the finest practices. Graphical excellence variously requires a much more intensive definition indeed.
  2. Given below is the graphical excellence:
  • Well constructed and adequate presentation of alluring data.
  • Broadcast ideas which are complicate with adaptability, accuracy, and transparency.
  • It provides the viewers with many ideas that require the minimum amount of time, which is limited to minimal space and the least amount of ink.
  •  Narrating the exact truth of data.
Apply the fundamental of exemplary UX design and graphical merit to its designs and dashboards.
A dashboard, infographic or data story can be an excellent and very effective method for communicating insights. Source- What is the role of a dashboard?

What are the types of Dashboard?

A few kinds of research on Data Visualization Dashboard:-

Napoleon's 1812 March

Minard's visualization of Napoleon's 1812 march is known as one of the "best statistical drawings ever created": Making visualization of as much detail as Minard has performed would have been difficult if it was not for implementing graphical perfection. This single visualization displays Napoleon's troops by location, the troops' temperature, and the troops' direction to Moscow.

John Snow's Cholera Map

John Snow's stacked bar reflects 13 public wells' graphic location and 578 cholera deaths in London. It's easy to explain, it helps expose the facts, and it provides the consumer with all the details they need to make the correct inference about cholera's death.

History of Rock Music

Displaying just a certain amount of data, the graph reflects a portion of more than 30 musical forms by more than 700 musicians between 1955 and 1978. It is not ideal for showcasing artists and styles, but it tends to reflect the number of goods produced, the types used, and the overall productivity. There is no small feat to gain this form of graphic representation.

Where the Population of Europe Is Growing and Declining?

Top visualization illustrates how to deal with an overwhelming volume of data in an uncomplicated, well-designed, and honest manner. There are also filters included with the interactive edition that allows for still further data discovery, such as birth rates.

Daily Routines of Iconic Famous People

Not only is this data analysis fascinating, but it's also a classic example of graphic excellence. Every graph shows a thorough analysis of the icon-famous people's everyday activities, routines, pursuits, and goals. Using an elementary color-coded graph, this visualization is easy to modify, quick, efficient, and, above all, insightful.

World Languages Graphic

A variety of languages on this planet can be represented with this iconic data visualization, which can help establish where they are spoken and who speaks them in different parts of the world. Without visualization, it would be very challenging to represent so much data in such an outstanding manner that it is very insightful.

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Why is Data Visualization Dashboard important?

The best dashboard considers to have the set of given UX criteria:
  • Clear and consistent naming conventions
  • Priority is for the flow and layout of data.
  • Margins are appropriate for readability.
  • Neither hidden nor overload the data.
  • Understandable and easy to read

Marketing KPI Dashboard

Marketing KPI Dashboards This is an outstanding example of nuanced and easy-to-understand business knowledge. The subtle color scheme is appealing, and different cards are soft to the eyes. One of the reasons for this dashboard's outstanding architecture is its data-ink ratio. The data and space are complementary to each other. Used different small tab cards instead of loading the screen with more graphics. This is an ingenious way to keep sensitive knowledge available (i.e., not to conceal it) while providing the user with a simple and instructive way to access it on their term.

Stripe DashboardStripe Dashboard

In the dashboard-style, the stripe dashboard is one of the better examples. It's simple and easy to answer various questions and has ideal margins within each graph.

Telemedicine Dashboard

Telemedicine Dashboard Telemedicine analytics dashboardaims to reflect a lot of raw data. Displaying information in an elegant and ordered dashboard is a challenging activity. This example uses best practices UX dashboard architecture.

Stock DashboardStock Dashboard

The stock dashboard is complicated to summarise in a single dashboard since a variety of criteria are available. This dashboard example reflects the clean and decision-making look of all the complicated and essential details.

Web Audience Dashboard

Business Intelligence Dashboard Design Google Analytics does a fantastic job with their dashboards, but it can take a lot of customization to reach a target. This dashboard has brought analytics to a new level by providing a quick, easy-to-understand, easy-to-read, and helpful view without increasing cognitive load.
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Designing a dashboard is a means of summarising all and showing relevant data from multiple sources. The best advise is to design it at the last moment. While they are working on it, users need to upgrade their dashboard templates. In decision making, dashboards have played a role. Try to make it attractive and easy. It wouldn't take any specific technical expertise to build a dashboard. Consumers will need to have a clear knowledge of data visualization dashboard designs and techniques. Dashboards enable analysts to accomplish their targets and help to learn about further procedures as well. When we view knowledge in the form of a dashboard, it encourages people to understand it more often and comprehend complicated items.