Getting Started with Data Warehousing


Data WareHouse stores massive data , central repository of information analysed to make better informed decisions. Latest Data WareHouse architectures include –


  • Amazon RedShift
  • Google BigQuery
  • Panoply


Data WareHouse Characteristics


  • Highly Reliable
  • Data Integrity
  • Better Storage Performance
  • Faster Sequential Reads
  • Elimination of Physical Hardware
  • Massive Parallel Processing


Data WareHouse Classification


  • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Processes – Data Warehousing tunes the ETL processing to increase performance and reduce load time.
  • Query Processing – Query Optimisation by understanding query execution in database, aggregate tables, index usage, Vertical and Horizontal Partitioning, Denormalization, server tuning.
  • Delivering Reports – Network traffic, server setups delay in delivery of reports. Implement Performance Tuning to avoid this.