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Dr. Jagreet Kaur Gill | 29 Jun 2022

Challenges of Real Estate Investor

It becomes difficult for an investor to compare all the properties and check for the trendy location for property development. Moreover, they also got confused while deciding how many units they needed to build in a single building so that their investment would pay back to them in a stipulated time.

Solution for Real Estate Development

Making a development plan on time according to the demand and situation will maximize the investor’s ROI. Therefore checking trending development plans according to customer demands is very important.

Development Plan

Our solution will be able to answer the following question that may help the investor while making a development plan of a property:

  • What is the trendy neighborhood for development?
  • How many units need to build to maximize ROI?
  • How many holding units should we keep or sell to maximize ROI?

Analytics Dashboard for Real Estate

Development Plan dashboard

User Story

  • Users know that No Ridge is one of the locations for which people are giving high prices, and Names is one of the locations chosen by most people. So if an investor wants more money or a number of customers, he can invest and build property in a particular location that customers choose more and pay more.
  • Moreover, it also gives the number of units that need to be made in different properties w.r.t its rental price and selling prices.

End Customer Value

  • It will give the more trendy location with its sales prices.
  • The user also knows the number of units he needs to build or need to have in a property to get all investment from the property.

Why Xenonstack?

Xenonstack provides an analysis report in which it will tell the most trending locations for which the customers can pay high prices so that investors can choose the exact location that is most likely to choose by the customer to live and give him more income.

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