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Machine Learning Platform for Consumer Technology Industry

Dr. Jagreet Kaur Gill | 13 July 2022

Why ML Platform in Consumer Technology Industry?

In the consumer technology sector, the customer’s primary requirement is carrying cost in category and inventory. Real-time and channel support for client journey, proactively anticipating clients needs, automation in processing, and first-inquiry resolution. Today customer wants a year over year trends analysis to get insights related to the different category and inventory. The consumer also wants a monthly growth, according to their turnover year over year comparison before concluding. Therefore Artificial Intelligence and ML Platform for Consumer Technology is necessary for businesses.

Solution for ML Analytics Platform

  • With Xenonstack Support and ML services, one can build accurate machine learning models on real-time data to better understand customers’ needs to get the status of sold products and predict how many days it takes to sell and also overall turnover from various categories and sales.
  • As a result, we have given a demo of the dashboard for reference; the user will understand the model and know its result by applying the AI-based prediction model.
  • The user quickly gets the status of all the information about consumer technology.
  • As for the result, users can take the production companies’ data from an open-source by which they can see the data type, and accordingly, they can apply our model and see the results.

Why XenonStack?

Click on a Button and request us to give you the demo of our machine learning model. Here you will get insights related to the total sales, turnover, and products sold. Our model will provide you an accurate prediction of consumer technology with their supply chain cost from different regions and categories. It will also tell how things are working. How our organization works in the industry, and analyze. To show the best result to customers from different inventory with narrative addition.

Dashboard for Consumer Technology Industry

Customer Technology Analytics Dashboard

Description of ML Analytics Dashboard

Listed below are the described benefits of the ML analytics dashboard for the Consumer Technology Industry.
  • Here our dashboard shows the days to sell products as a user can see around 64749 Products sold in 3 days.
  • We will also get our stock status for particular days and monthly supply chain costs.
  • The status of sales here user can see more number of sales done tobacco. Here users can also see the total sales turnover and the total products sold.
  • The user will also get the predicted values on products sold and sales. In different categories like food, personal care, etc.