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Multi-Cloud Kubernetes Solution and Strategy

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Complete Guide to Kubernetes cluster Federation

  • Kubernetes cluster configured in any region on any Cloud platform like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.
  • Kubernetes Federation manages deployments and services across all the clusters located in different areas.
The federation includes two processes -
  • Synchronizing resources across clusters
  • Cross-cluster discovery

Challenges for Kubernetes Cluster Adoption

Kubernetes Federation cluster has following issues/ problems -
  • Cannot access Federation cluster if it gets down, cannot access Federation until it gets up back.
  • In case failure of Federation Cluster, every Kubernetes Cluster will act as an independent Cluster.
  • Alerting and Auditing across Federated Kubernetes Clusters.

Solution Offerings for Setting up Kubernetes Cluster Federation

  • Kubernetes Cluster runs on different Clouds and in different regions managed and controlled by using Kubernetes Federation control plane.
  • Kubernetes Federation control plane shares the resources across the cluster and keeps in sync which minimizes the cluster failure chances across the cluster.
  • Kubernetes Federation provides high availability by sharing load across the cluster using DNS service and load balancers.

Multi-Region Kubernetes Cluster Management

Steps to create Multi-Region Kubernetes Cluster -
  • Create New Kubernetes Cluster enabling preemptive node features.
  • Get static IP from Google Compute Engine.
  • Kubernetes YAML is defining multiple Kubernetes objects involving autoscaling.
  • Continuous Delivery Pipeline
  • The configuration of GEO-Domain Name Server
  • After activation, create two pools using static IP
  • Create a monitor and finally the load balancer that distributes load based on visitor geolocation.
Supremacy of Multi-Region Kubernetes Cluster involve -
  • Geographically Distributed Deployments
  • Hybrid Cloud extending deployments from on-premises cluster to Cloud
  • Higher Availability
  • Application Migration
  • Resilience from Single zone failure
  • Zero downtime master upgrades
  • Reduced downtime from master failures
  • Sync Resources across clusters
  • Cross-Cluster delivery
  • Fault Isolation
  • Scalability
Real-Time applications involve -
  • Global Scheduling
  • Automated Recovery from datacenter failures
  • Avoids vendor Lock-In
  • Federation can keep resources in multiple clusters in sync.
  • Federation provides high availability by spreading the load across clusters and auto-configuration of load balancers, minimizing the impact of a cluster failure.
  • Federation provides Hybrid Cloud capabilities of Kubernetes Clusters running in different Cloud providers.

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