Building Scalable Microservices Architecture


Monitoring is the crux to sustain Microservices Architecture. Scaling of Microservices depends upon the number of incoming requests.


Independent scaling can occur if Microservices includes De-Coupling ensuring easy alteration, distributed API development, Isolated Failure, customization to change any component, Continuous Delivery to promote automation, the creation of individual function treated as independent service denoted as Inter-Service Communication.


Scaling of Microservices must be –


  • Independent of Programming Languages
  • Agile Approach and DevOps Strategy
  • MultiSite Architecture
  • License Cost
  • Safe-Guard Auto-Scaling Issues
  • Secure Service
  • Container Management Framework


Microservices has the upper hand than Monolithic Services regarding Scalability as Cloud Native applications also demand Scalability and Pliancy to initiate, communicate and end application promptly. Copies of applications running for scale provides Fault Tolerance. Explore more about distributed tracing in this insight.